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Why should I get a 1300 number for my company?

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If you want your company to have a more dominating effect in your industry then obtaining a 1300 number is definitely a cost effective and smart solution. We pride ourselves with our consistent dedication in providing thousands of companies with an elite Virtual Reception service across Australia. Whether your business is based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, we guarantee that clients across the nation will have an increased perception of the size of your business if you obtain one of our 1300 numbers.

A 1300 number is perfect for a company of any size! Whether you run your own show and simply want to increase the national presence of your company or work as part of a major business corporation, our 1300 numbers will increase the professional identity, productivity and efficiency of how your company operates because your business focus can remain on deploying your staff to higher value added tasks like sales, marketing and customer support, while our professional receptionist answer and handle the calls.

Does it strike you that a 1300 is also much easier to recall than a local phone number? There is no denying that a 1300 number is much easier to remember than an average business number. It also screams a level of professional presence that all companies desire to create. The flexibility of a 1300 is endless. No matter where your company is located, it gives your customers only 1 number to contact you despite which state you are in within Australia. You may choose to work from home but still choose to advertise your 1300 number on marketing collateral. We guarantee that your business image will remain professional and successful. A 1300 coupled with our elite live answering service will only enhance the presence of your company within your market because our receptionists are so professional and friendly. The service is so real that callers will get the impression that our receptionists are actually sitting in your offices. That is our promise when you use our Live Answering Services.


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Does the 1300 number work in combination with our elite Virtual Reception service?


What better way to combine a 1300 number than with our professional Virtual Reception Live Answering service? Our friendly and dedicated team of Australian based receptionists can answer your 1300 calls in your company name politely and promptly every time. In fact, 93% of all telephone calls are answered by our receptionists in less than 10 seconds! These calls can be immediately transferred to you or a chosen business partner or a detailed message can be taken and forwarded immediately to you via email, text message or both. This ensures that even if you are out of the office and in a meeting, you can comfortably know that your calls are being answered by a highly capable and professional team of Australian based receptionists.

1300 Numbers dovetail nicely as a cost effective part of your marketing strategy

The marketing strategy of your company can incorporate advertising different 1300 numbers on different marketing campaigns across the country. This is perfect for those clever businesses looking to recruit more customers for an affordable price. By measuring and calculating the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns through the use of 1300 numbers, you will understand which campaigns are working and which are not i.e. where the leads are coming from. This is because with our systems every call is visible and you can report on every call in real time via our Customer Portal. Thus allowing you to focus on pouring more $ into those campaigns that are working and ceasing those campaigns that are not working. Thus you can A/B test campaigns, which is a sure fire way of ensuring a process of continual improvement in the ROI on your marketing spend.

So it is not hard to see why a 1300 number could be the golden key to business success. Obtaining a 1300 number from us at Virtual Reception is a financially smart decision. Get ahead of the game and use the transition into the Virtual world to your advantage by considering a 1300 number today in tandem with our dedicated Virtual Receptionist team.

What is the difference between a 1300 and 1800 number?

Both 1300 and 1800 numbers will provide your business with a presence, signalling to prospects and clients that you are a serious player in your industry. Both 1300 and 1800 numbers have been shown to be up to 8 times more memorable than your average local telephone number. A 1300 will promote the professional presence of your business but will also allow customers to ring for the low cost price of a local call despite their location. A 1800 number on the other hand allows customers to call the business for free. The perception most people have is that any business with a 1300 or 1800 number must be a successful and well-established company. However the truth is that a company of any size can have one of these numbers. Learn to think beyond your competitors and implement strategies to move your company forward for an affordable cost.

There is no doubt that obtaining a 1300 number for your company is an excellent tool for business. Complimenting this number with our premium Virtual Reception Service will only enhance the image of professionalism that your business wants to uphold. Whether you are running a small business or part of a larger organisation, we ensure that our 1300 and Virtual Reception package will supersede your expectations. Sign up today for a FREE 7 day trial with our Virtual Reception service and see how we can be enhancing the strength of your brand with our professional receptionists handling calls just like your own in-house receptionist. In addition a 1300 number can form a key part of your marketing strategy by allowing you to A/B test different campaigns by using different 1300 numbers across each campaign. The FREE 7 DAY TRIAL takes less than a minute for you to set up and we can be taking your calls. Call or email us today with any questions or simply click on the Free Trial icon on our website to get started.

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