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Enhanced Physio Connectivity

Streamlining call handling and appointment bookings for optimal patient care.


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Physio Communication Solutions

Managing incoming calls while providing exceptional patient care is a challenge to physiotherapy clinics, leading to potential patient satisfaction issues and loss of potential patients due to missed calls or scheduling conflicts.

This situation strains practice owners, risking not just patient experience degradation and missed opportunities for business growth but also the broader business journey.

Virtual Reception offers a virtual receptionist solution suited for physiotherapy practices, ensuring efficient solution management for phone calls and appointment scheduling, allowing business owners to focus on patient care without the worry of managing calls.
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Virtual Receptionist for Physiotherapy

Optimising patient interaction and diary management effortlessly.

Seamless Scheduling

Facilitates smooth appointment bookings for physical therapists and patients.

Professional Handling

Our Australian-based receptionists provide amazing service, enhancing patient experience.

Cost-Efficient Service

Eliminates the need for an in-house house receptionist, cutting costs.

What Our Clients Say...

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from other virtual reception services. See what our clients say.
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Your receptionists are equipped with the necessary information to handle our calls efficiently.

By accident I found you guys some 3 years ago, initially deciding to use you to assist with cost cutting. Today we continue to use your services. Your receptionists are equipped with the necessary information to handle our calls efficiently.

They direct customer and supplier enquiries straight to the relevant person. Not only is this incredibly cost effective, it is also very personalised and our virtual receptionist doesn’t take holidays, sick days or superannuation.

I recommend your services to anyone requiring a Virtual Office solution.
Vince Monardo
Director – Haddonstone Australia
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Thank you for your excellent service.

Hi Michael, I was just updating some info on our account settings via your website and it occurred to me that your receptionist service has been excellent and I wanted to let you know.

All the girls are great, in particular Hollie is always so upbeat and professional. Thank you for your excellent service.
Lindon Garske
Bodymind Wellness Centre

Empower Your Physio Practice

Virtual Receptionist - Revolutionising Physiotherapy Practice Management.

Why Choose Virtual Reception

Streamline operations and improve patient satisfaction with our specialised services.

Locally Staffed

Understanding the specific needs of Australian physiotherapy practices.

Always Available

Ensuring urgent matters and patient calls are managed any time of day.

Flexibility First

Adapt our services to your clinic's needs with flexible hours.

Immediate Alerts

Stay updated on patient interactions in real time.

Clinic Management Simplified

Easily schedule appointments and manage patient care.

Broaden Reach

Enhance your physiotherapy practice's national presence.

Personalised Welcome

Reflect your clinic’s values with every call.

Efficiently Organised

Our skilled staff manage your diary with finesse.

Experience Excellence

Try our cost-effective solutions risk-free.

Australian-Based Services

Offering local insights and expertise for your accounting needs.

Always Available

Our team is on hand 24/7, ensuring no call is missed, even outside regular business hours.

Flexibility First

Enjoy no lock-in contracts with us, providing flexibility for dynamic accounting needs.

Instant Updates

Receive immediate notifications about client calls and messages, keeping you in the loop.

Access Anywhere

Manage calls and appointments on the go with our user-friendly mobile app and web portal.

Expand Your Reach

Utilise our 1300/1800 numbers for a broader national presence and potential customers.

Personalised Service

Custom greetings reflect your firm's unique brand and values.

Organised Schedules

Seamless appointment scheduling and diary management for better client servicing.

Risk-Free Trial

Experience our service risk-free with a 7-day trial period.

How Our Virtual Reception Services Work

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Get Started

We onboard you and understand how you would like our receptionist to answer your calls.
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Client Calls

You forward your calls to us; we then answer calls on your behalf.
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We Answer

Our team answers your calls with your chosen greeting.
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We Update You

We will update you via email or SMS.


Frequently asked questions

How does a virtual receptionist benefit my physiotherapy clinic?
Our virtual receptionist service ensures incoming calls are handled professionally, allowing physical therapists to concentrate on patient care. By managing appointment bookings and patient interactions, we provide peace of mind to clinic owners, ensuring patient satisfaction and facilitating business growth.
Can Virtual Reception handle after-hours calls for my clinic?
Yes, our 24/7 call answering service ensures that your clinic is accessible beyond regular office hours, offering support for urgent messages and improving the overall customer experience.
Is Virtual Reception's service suitable for all types of physiotherapy practices?
Absolutely, our virtual receptionist solution is designed for a wide range of physiotherapy clinics, from those specialising in sports injuries to general physical therapy, providing amazing receptionists who understand the specific needs of medical practices.
How does Virtual Reception ensure a positive experience for my patients?
Our experienced team of Australian-based receptionists prioritises exceptional customer care, ensuring every patient call is answered with empathy and professionalism, enhancing the patient experience.
Are the virtual receptionists trained to answer questions specific to physiotherapy practices?
While we handle client phone calls, our virtual receptionists are equipped to answer questions (FAQs) related to your physiotherapy practice, and detailed medical queries are directed to your specialists, ensuring accurate information and maintaining high standards of patient care.
What makes Virtual Reception more effective than a traditional receptionist?
Unlike a traditional receptionist, Virtual Reception offers a cost-effective solution with 24-hour answering services, flexible hours, and a national presence, all managed by skilled staff to provide exceptional customer service and patient care.
How does Virtual Reception handle non-urgent calls?
Our service differentiates between urgent matters and non-urgent calls, ensuring that urgent messages are prioritised while still providing quality service for all types of calls, maintaining seamless communication.
Will using Virtual Reception save my clinic money?
Yes, our service is a cost-effective solution that reduces the expensive overheads associated with hiring a full-time house receptionist, offering amazing service at a fraction of the cost.
Can Virtual Reception improve patient satisfaction and clinic efficiency?
Definitely, by ensuring patient calls are handled promptly and appointment bookings are managed efficiently, our virtual receptionist services enhance both patient satisfaction and clinic efficiency, contributing to business growth.
How easy is it to integrate Virtual Reception with my existing clinic operations?
Integration is straightforward and seamless, with our professional agents working closely with you to ensure our virtual receptionist services complement your clinic’s operations, enhancing patient care without disrupting your busy clinic workflow.

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