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Save money by getting a telephone answering service for your business


Small business challenges

Running a small business can be tough, especially if you are a one man band. Quite often you can be right in the middle of a complicated job when the phone starts to ring. Despite the importance of taking all of those calls there is a real temptation to let those calls go through to your automated message service. The problem is that more than 60% of people will not leave a message and will simply call the next person on the list.

Prompt telephone answering

It doesn't have to be that way! With a professional small business telephone answering service from Virtual Reception you can have your calls answered promptly and professionally when you are unavailable to take them. Our trained professional receptionists can answer your calls with a pre-agreed greeting. They can then either transfer the call to a phone number nominated by you or they can take a message that will be sent to you via email or sms. Most messages are sent within minutes of receiving the call.

Hi-tech systems

Our systems were developed in Australia for Australian businesses. They are extremely intuitive to use however are capable of some powerful functionality. Your initial set up within our system literally only takes a few minutes. We allocate a local telephone number to your business and then you divert your phone to this number when you are unavailable. You then specify whose phone is being answered, what greeting you want delivered to your callers and how you want the messages delivered to you afterwards.

Ultimate flexibility

With Virtual Reception you can be confident that when you are not available for a call we will provide the professional level of service that you want your customers to receive. You can also be confident that when you run marketing campaigns or have those one off events happening you don't need to bring in additional staff to answer phones. With Virtual Reception you get ultimate flexibility as your call volume can go up or down without having to take on any additional staff to take those incoming calls.

Really affordable prices

Small business is always focussed on price as cash-flow. With a telephone answering service from Virtual Reception you can save a significant amount when compared to what you would pay if you employed a receptionist yourself. Also, the cost for a virtual receptionist is variable as opposed to fixed meaning that you are not up for all of that holiday pay or loading during the Christmas break. The cost of our telephone answering service can be pretty small with many of our customers paying around $40 per month.

Call us to find out more

Why not call one of our helpful sales professionals on 1300 893 820 to find out more. We are so confident in what we do that we will be more than happy to let you test drive the system for 7 days at absolutely no cost or obligation to you.

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