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Flexible Telephone Coverage

If you are currently taking the chance of missing critical calls by depending on hit-or-miss telephone coverage, we have good news for you: We can offer a flexible month-to-month telephone coverage plan that's customised to suit the needs of your business. Our premium call answering service ranges from a full 24-hour coverage to as little as one call a day or one hour a day service to relieve your in house receptionist during lunch hour. Whether you need regular, year-round telephone coverage or simply require a bit of extra help during especially busy periods when call volume is high, Virtual Reception is available to meet all your telephone answering needs. Protect the business that earns your profits. Call our office today to set up your service in just a few minutes by way of our FREE trial setup process.


Our Virtual Reception Team

The telephone answering team consists of mature experienced professionals who are committed to providing friendly and efficient handling of all your crucial business telephone calls. Our team is fully prepared to follow your instructions, handling your incoming calls in the precise manner that you prescribe. Whenever you need a friendly voice at your end of the line, coupled with professional handling of those incoming calls, think of Virtual Reception. Our team of business-focussed telephonists look forward to providing the solution to your daily telephone communication needs. Through their professional expertise, they will remove the burden of responding to those incoming calls and give you back the time you need to really grow your business. We can help you take your business to the next level!


How Our Virtual Receptionist Service Works

When you opt to try our no-obligation 7-Day FREE Trial, you'll bring a new level of customer service excellence to your business. Once your free trial period expires, you may elect to upgrade to a paid subscription but are under no obligation to do so. If you should decide to upgrade, you may either do so yourself online or provide your credit card information to one of our customer care representatives over the telephone. Either way, when you upgrade, you will retain the original phone number/s assigned to you during your trial period and your service will continue uninterrupted.

At Virtual Reception, we do not believe in long term contracts, answering service set-up fees, security deposits or cancellation fees, and you are free to change your plan at any time either in response to variations in call volume from month to month or a change in your circumstances. As you can see, our telephone answering service is truly a flexible business solution for your company! We deal with thousands of businesses just like yours and understand the high level of service that they need. Why not test us out today with a no obligation 7 day free trial!

We will keep you informed about all calls and charges in real time so that you are always aware of precisely how much you are spending and will never receive an end-of-the-month surprise. Our business is built on the basis of providing businesses like yours a long term service. It really is a win/win.

Check out our infographic for more information on how our live answering services work.

How We Handle Your Calls

Our experienced telephonists are available to answer your calls 24/7. Every call is promptly picked up by one of our skilled staff, who answers the call in your company's name with a custom greeting determined by you. We are proud to report that our receptionists answer 93% of customer calls in less than 10 seconds. These specialists then offer friendly, helpful, and efficient handling of every call. When you sign up for our service, we know you'll notice the difference!


Your callers will be able to reach you anywhere when our receptionists use your choice of the following call-handling options:

Call Transfer to You

When you choose to be "available for call transfer," as opposed to selecting "do not disturb", our staff will use your "Find Me" numbers (home office, mobile, office extension, hotel room, etc.) to locate you and introduce the call. Based on your preference/availability, our receptionist will either transfer the call to you or take a message. Your "Find Me" numbers may be updated online by you at any time.

Message Handling

If you are unavailable, don't wish to take a call or on a status of "Do Not Disturb", your friendly telephonist takes a message and you receive it immediately via email and/or SMS, based on each staff member or department's preference. This gives you the opportunity to manage that message at a time that is appropriate to the message itself but also a time that is suitable for you or for your staff.

Call Transfer to a Colleague

Calls may be transferred to a colleague or department (i.e. Sales, Accounts, Support), using a phone number directory, as you instruct.

Information Provided to Caller

Our staff can also provide callers with the information you place on file about your business (i.e. what your business does, company website, postal or street address, directions to your location, fax number and, if you are away, when you expect to return).

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So no matter where you're located in Australia or overseas, our Virtual Receptionists are waiting to provide the services that ensure that all your calls get answered promptly and professionally every time.

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The biggest complaint we get from customers is: "I had no idea this service existed, our callers think 'our receptionist' is sitting in our office. I wish we had discovered your service years ago".

You Will Be In Good Company

We currently answer incoming calls for more than 4,000 customers. Many of these customers are small businesses with between 1 and 10 staff and their professions include lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, eCommerce businesses, consultants, car dealerships and many more. Lot's of these customers have been with us for many years and quite regularly remark that their own customers think that our receptionists are actually their employees sitting in their offices with them. We see this as a great compliment to our professional receptionist team.

Setup is Really Easy

Setting up a service is really easy, when you sign up for a free trial we will allocate a unique telephone number to your account. This number will be the phone number that we answer when taking your calls. Once you have your number you need to tell us what you want us to say to your customers when they call in. Your greeting can be changed at any time that you like and will be unique to your business. You may want it to be something simple like "ABC" comapany, Jill speaking oe something a bit more complex. Whatever you want it is changeable at any time by using our APP's or by logging in to your account on a PC or laptop. Once we have your greeting we will need to know what you want us to do with the calls when we get them, do you want us to answer the calls and take a message or do you want us to transfer the calls to you or one of your colleagues. After we know what you want done with the calls you simply need to divert your existing number to the number that we have provided and we are ready to go.

It is Really Cost Effective

To make life easier for our customers we have created a range of great value packages for our customers to use. For example, if you are a small user you may want to go with a Virtual Receptionist 20 package whilst if you are a big corporate you may want to go for a VR 1000 package instead. The packages give you a certain number of included calls to be used during the month. After you have used those calls you will then pay a fixed cost per additional call. If you don't think that any of our packages suit your business then we are happy to discuss setting up a custom package specifically for your business. Our average customer ends up spending around $120 per month which is a really small price to pay for the benefit of having a receptionist waiting to take any of those calls that you don't think that you can get to.

We Won't Lock You In

Here at Virtual Reception we don't believe in locking people in for long periods of time. We believe in building the loyalty of our customers by providing a really great level of service. You can cancel your service with us at any time by simply calling our customer service representatives and telling them that you wish to cancel. Despite it being so easy to cancel we find that we get a very low rate of cancellations and the ones that we do get generally cancel for business reasons. Our average customer ends up staying with us for around 3 years so we must be doing something right!

Need More Information?

Want to find out more about our answering services? Why not give one of our friendly customer care agents a call on 1300 893 820 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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