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Why get a paging service when you can get a virtual receptionist

When modern pager services hit the market in the 1990's they transformed the way that people could do business. No longer did they have to wait until they got back to their office to find out that they had received an important call. They could get notification of that call practically wherever they were. The pager gave small businesses the freedom to multi task and focus on building their business.



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Virtual Receptionist - Like a Pager Service But Better


Paging systems had limitations. There was no way that you could forward the actual call through to the user and there was a limitation in terms of how many characters you could send which ultimately limited the usability of the actual message.

With a telephone answering service from Virtual Reception you get all the benefits of a paging system with many other additional benefits. With a telephone answering service you can choose which calls get sent as a message and which ones get forwarded direct. You can set a range of rules for how you want your calls treated.

With a telephone answering service you can filter out the not so important calls and focus on the important ones. You can focus your attention on building your business while we focus on managing your incoming calls. It makes a lot of good business sense.

So What Makes Virtual Reception Different?


There are other telephone answering services out there but we believe that we are the best

  • We only employ local Australian receptionists. Our receptionists are mature professionals who understand Australian business conditions and business culture.
  • Our system is simple to set up but big on functionality. We can be answering your calls in only 10 minutes however if you need a more complex solution than just telephone answering then we can help you out.
  • Our service makes good financial sense. You pay a small retainer and then you pay for what you use. This means that during slow periods like public holiday you don't have to pay huge fees.
  • We are really flexible in terms of how we handle your calls. You can receive messages via email, SMS or the calls can be diverted to a number of your choice. You could even have a mix of diversions plus messages.
  • Our systems have been built by Australian developers for Australian business conditions. We understand what you need to drive your business forward.
  • We don't lock you in to lengthy contracts. We have more than 3,500 customers in Australia and they stay with us because we provide exceptional service.

Using an outsourced telephone answering service as opposed to a paging service gives you an added layer of flexibility. We can give you many more options to help you grow your business.

How does it work?


We provide you with a local telephone number that you divert your current number to. Calls to this local number will be answered by our receptionists.


What message do they deliver?

Whatever message you decide on. You have total flexibility and you can change the message as often as you like.


What if I don't have a physical office?

We also provide virtual offices in all major cities. You can have a virtual address in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide for a small fee. If you wanted you could have one in each.


How do I find out more?

Our friendly sales team are free to take your call on 1300 893 820. Why not try our answering service for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you.


You can get on with growing your small business while we take control of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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