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So often we have customers telling us ‘We wish we had heard of you sooner, we had no idea anything like this existed! Most people just don’t know what virtual office solutions exist and what they can do for a company.

At Virtual Reception we have a huge range of services available to save you time and money and to further the success of your business. We explain what these are and what they will do for your business below.

A virtual receptionist service is the perfect way to give yourself the time to focus on business while we focus on answering your calls.


We are so confident that you will love our telephone answering service as much as we do that we will give you an obligation free 7 day trial.

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Virtual Receptionist


This is our live answering service. If you are struggling to keep on top of all your calls as well as your workload, let us help. Our friendly professional receptionists will answer every call, so your customers never get put through to voicemail again.

A virtual receptionist will save you time, allowing you to focus on strategy instead of jumping to answer every call. This will allow you to work more productively and effectively all whilst knowing your customers are being assisted in a mature and professional manner. It can be hard to give your customers the attention they deserve when you are trying to concentrate on something else. This way, you will be able to call your customers back at a time that suits you. Having someone pick up the phone the first time a customer calls will help to increase sales. Research from BT in the UK has shown that 60% of business people will not leave a message on an automated message service. Every call you miss could be a potential lead lost. By having a real person talk to that lead they instantly move along the pipeline and become closer to being a customer.

Virtual Assistant


Our virtual receptionists can perform a range of different tasks, depending on what you request. They will answer are calls in a friendly and welcoming manner and can gather information, handle enquiries, take a message or forward calls, whatever you wish!


Virtual Reception has a range of subscriptions available and it is free to sign up, upgrade, downgrade and cancel so you can find something that works perfectly for you so you are paying no more than you need to. We will even let you trial our virtual reception services for FREE. No credit card required and sign up only takes minutes!

Do you offer other services?


We have so many fantastic services; we can’t go into them all here! See our website for more details on any of our services – virtual receptionist, virtual assistant, virtual offices and call divert services.


Are you an Australian company?

We are an Australian company. Our systems have been developed in Australia for Australian conditions.


Do you have a contract?

We don't believe in long term contracts. We have 3,500 customers who stay with us because we provide exceptional service.


So what's next?

Just call our friendly sales staff on 1300 893 820 to get things started.


Build your business while we answer your telephone calls.

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