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Virtual Offices In Town Hall Sydney For $60 Per Month

Great Value At $20 Per Week

377 Kent Street Sydney

Within easy reach of Town Hall, Martin Place and Wynyard stations our 377 Kent Street Sydney virtual offices are ideal for a small business that is looking for a central easily accessible location within the Sydney CBD.

Your new virtual office will send the right impression to your clients. The Town Hall area is home to a broad range of professional small businesses. Why not meet in a local cafe with your clients and then head on to some of the great entertainment options that are available in the area.


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The Perfect Location For A Virtual Office


Despite the fact that you are operating virtually location is still extremely important for virtual offices. Firstly, there will be times when you need to physically meet with your customers in a local cafe or restaurant and it will be important that your meeting location is easily accessible via public transport or that they have good public parking facilities nearby. Our Kent Street property has both.

It is also important that the location that you choose is well staffed with experienced and professional staff. Your mail correspondence and your calls are vitally important to your business so you need an office service that you can trust.

Here at Virtual Reception we have more than 1100 customers to whom we provide virtual office services, telephone answering services, virtual reception services, local telephone numbers, 1300 numbers plus more. We understand the needs of start ups and small businesses and we build virtual services to support them.

What Are Virtual Offices


Rather than having a physical location with all of the costs that go with it, if you operate virtually you can still have a lot of the benefits such as mail forwarding, telephone answering, personal assistant and secretarial services plus more. You just don't have control of the physical space and the associated cost.

  • Being able to work virtually is a relatively new phenomenon and has been made possible by advancements in telephone technology, email and the internet.
  • When you operate virtually you can actually do your work from wherever you like. One day you may decide to work from home, the next day you could be down at the beach and then the next day you could be in a trendy cafe in the city.
  • If you decide to go with our telephone answering service (from $20 per month) then our professional receptionists will ensure that you never miss a call. Our SLA's state that we will answer 90% of your calls within 3 rings and we usually achieve much better than this.
  • When you sign up for our telephone answering service you don't need to forward all of your calls to us. You can send us the overflow, send calls during your lunch hour, during holiday periods or whatever you decide. It's totally flexible and easy to configure.
  • You can also make use of our diary management services and virtual assistants. Diary management is a must have for medical professionals and is a huge time saver. Our assistants can be organised to carry out a variety of tasks that save you time and let you focus on business strategy.
  • With the complete package of virtual office, telephone answering service and diary management/assistant you will have all of the support you need to get your business venture off the ground.

Our Kent Street Town Hall location is centrally located in the heart of Sydney. You will be in good company with many other business professionals choosing this area of the city as the place to locate their businesses. Town Hall station is easy walking distance with trains leaving every few minutes. Why not meet with your clients in a local Town Hall cafe!

What Are The Benefits Of Operating Virtually?


Your business will appear bigger than it actually is. Not just the fact that you have a prestigious mailing address at Town Hall in the centre of Sydney but the fact that you have first class support and facilities available to you. Your customers will think that you have a team of professionals working for you.


What if I need to meet with people?

We can provide meeting room facilities in a variety of locations in all capital cities. We can provide rooms in a range of sizes and configurations and they are well equipped with audio visual equipment, catering facilities and configurable seating.


Do you have any other locations?

We have several locations on offer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We can also offer you 1300 numbers, local telephone numbers and meeting facilites in these locations.


How do I find out more?

Our local sales staff will be happy to take your call on 1300 893 820.


You can get on with growing your company while we take care of your admin.

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