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Live Answering Service - Why Your Business Needs One

Research that was recently conducted in the UK indicated that more than 60% of callers will not leave a message on an automated telephone answering service. What is even more disturbing is that many of these callers will simply work their way down the list and call one of your competitors. By not having a live answering service for your calls you will not only miss out on a new customer but you also help out your competitors by feeding a new customer to them. Talk about a double whammy!


Your Calls Answered Promptly

Here at Virtual Reception we offer a live telephone answering service that not only works extremely well but is really affordable. Our professional live receptionists aim to answer all calls within 6 rings and manage to achieve this more than 90% of the time. Once we receive the call we can then either transfer the call to you on any telephone number that you choose or we can take a message from the caller and forward you a message by either text or email. We will promptly inform you of all messages.

Fully Configurable System

The system that runs our live telephone answering service has been custom written to provide you with a first class level of service. The system is extremely configurable to allow you to set it up to allow us to answer the specific calls that you want us to answer. You may want us to take all of your calls or you may simply want us to take overflow, it is all up to you. When our live receptionists do answer your calls they will answer with a message of your choice which can be changed whenever you like.

Mature Professional Receptionists

Our answering service staff are all mature professional receptionists with several years experience at taking calls. Because you the customer are only paying for the actual calls that are being answered you get all of the benefit of our receptionists years of experience without having to spend big on overheads like annual leave and sick leave. You end up getting a professional and experienced staff member who you pay for as a variable cost rather than an ongoing fixed cost. Think of the money that you will save at Christmas!

Local Australian Receptionists

Unlike many of our competitors who save money by employing inexperienced offshore receptionists the receptionists who will be answering your calls will be local Australians. What this means is that they will have an understanding of the local business environment, local issues and the areas within which our valued customers operate. The receptionists who are answering your live calls are so good at their job that many of your customers will actually think that they are sitting next to you in your local office.

Did We Mention How Affordable It Is

A lot of answering services will claim to be really affordable yet will then hit you with a whole bunch of hidden extras. With Virtual Reception we are totally up front about our charges and we aim to deliver a totally transparent fee structure. If you check out our pricing page you will see that we offer some really generous packages at some amazing prices. To give you time to try before you buy we also offer a 7 day free trial.

NO Minimum Term and NO Long Term Contracts

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