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Try out our answering service for free - no obligation

Why not test drive our telephone answering service for free for 7 days. We don't require you to provide your credit card details and we won't hound you to sign up at the end of the 7 day free trial period. We think that you will be so impressed at the quality of our virtual receptionist service that you will be keen to keep going with it.


Your business needs an answering service!


Generally people start a small business because they are really good at something or are driven to make it on their own. Whilst you may be the best CPA in the suburb you are not necessarily the best phone answerer. When you sign up for a virtual reception service we will enable you to claw back all of that time that you have been spending answering the phones and redirect your time to doing the things that you are really good at.

For a lot of small businesses a telephone answering service is quite a new concept. This is why we like to give our customers a 7 day free trial to test out our system. On top of the free trial we also offer a 50% discount for the first 2 months to allow our customers to fine tune their offering without spending a lot of money.

It makes good business sense!

It doesn't make sense for you to be dropping everything whilst in the middle of something complex. Quite often the incoming calls are only SEO companies or telemarketers who are trying to sell you something that you don't need. Why not leave all of those time wasting telephone calls to us and just get on with your work.

So, where do I started

The easiest way to get started is to go to our signup page and register for the free trial. During that registration process you can tell us whether you want a local number or a 1300 number. You will then be allocated a unique telephone number for your account. Following this you will need to tell us what greeting our receptionists are to use when they are answering your incoming calls and how you would like your messages to be delivered. All you need to do then is to divert your existing phone number to the one that has been provided. After that you are pretty well ready to go.

How will I receive my messages

When your customer calls your existing number the call will be diverted to our system. Our receptionists will answer that call with the greeting that you have specified and will take a message from the customer. Our receptionist will then send the message to you, either by email (direct to your inbox) or via a text message. The entire process just takes around 2-3 mins.

How much will it cost me?

If you decide to go forward after your 7 day free trial has expired then you will have a range of packages that you could potentially sign up for. Our packages will either charge you on the basis of a small retainer and a small call charge per call or a slightly larger retainer which includes a specific number of calls a month. You will be able to change your selected package at any time. We are also very flexible in terms of our approach and are very happy to suggest packages that are suitable for the size of your specific business.

We have a broad range of customers internationally. We currently have more than 4,500 customers in Australia and around the world and those customers include accountants, IT professionals, lawyers, real estate agents, finance professionals and a range of other professionals and more. What have you got to lose? Sign up for a no obligation free answering service trial now!


Build your business while we answer your telephone calls.

NO Minimum Term and NO Long Term Contracts

It's just Month to Month, so easy!

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