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Business life is definitely not getting easier. These days there are so many channels of communication that you end up spending more time replying to emails, checking your social media and answering your phone than you ever did before. Even booking a meeting with a group of business associates can involve several different types of software communicating with each other. With all of this going on, the average corporate executive is left with less and less time to actually do the work that brings in the cash. Fortunately by outsourcing to a corporate answering service you can not only reduce the amount of admin that you have to do but you can also get it at a cheaper price than trying to do it all in-house.

In the old days the average corporate would load up their in-house receptionist with many of these tasks. The in-house receptionist would be answering most of the incoming telephone calls, transferring calls to internal staff, organising meetings for staff members, booking couriers, taking delivery of parcels and a variety of other tasks. Unfortunately, with many of these tasks it is impossible to predict how often the in-house receptionist will be needed to carry out the task and how much time they would need to spend. What inevitable happened in most corporates was that there would be big chunks of time when the receptionist would be sitting around chatting with staff and then other times when they would be missing calls because they are too busy.

If this sounds a bit like your current business then you should probably consider getting yourself an outsourced answering service.


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How It Works

The way an answering service (or virtual receptionist) service works is quite simple. Firstly, when you sign up with a service like VirtualReception.com.au you will be allocated a telephone number. This telephone number can either be a local telephone number (for your specific area or an area that you are targeting) or it can be a 1300 number (for a small additional monthly fee). This phone number will be the number that we are answering when your customers call. You can either use this number as your primary business number or you can divert your existing number to this number. It is totally up to you.

Once you have your telephone number allocated to your corporate account you then need to tell us what greeting you want us to use when answering your incoming calls. This greeting can be whatever you like, ie you could simply say "XYZ company, how can I help you" or you could go for something more personal like "Hello, XYZ Company, Rita speaking, how can I help you". It is totally up to you and the greetings can be varied whenever you like. For instance, if it is a holiday period then you could add a seasonal greeting or if you have a specific marketing campaign happening you could include information about that in the greeting. Changing the greeting is also really simple, you can either login to our admin console via your PC, laptop, or our APP and make the changes.

Now that we know what greeting you want used we need to know how you want your messages to be delivered. There are two options for delivering messages. Firstly, you can have your message sent to you via SMS (for a small fee) and you can then action that message from wherever you are. Secondly, you can receive your message via email. Given that more than 90% of managers working in a corporate environment will have a smart phone which is email enabled we find that the vast majority of customers opt for the mail option.

Location Of Staff

Unlike many of our competitors, here at Virtual Reception we do not believe in outsourcing our telephone answering staff to offshore call centres. Whilst the cost could be significantly cheaper we do not believe that the level of service could compare. We quite regularly here reports of overseas call centre staff mis-pronouncing the names of suburbs and place names. Here at Virtual Reception we understand that our corporate customers want a corporate service that slots seamlessly into their existing business.

Here at Virtual Reception our receptionists are located around Australia and work remotely from home offices. By having remote workers we reduce the overall employment cost of those receptionists and consequently can charge you a lower fee for the service that we provide. When we employ receptionists to work within our business we also try to choose individuals who are mature and who have considerable experience within Australian businesses. We find that by employing mature workers with previous corporate experience we can provide our customers with a much higher level of service.

If you require your phones to be answered on a 24/7 basis then we will be very happy to help. We cover all standard business hours within Australia with our Australian staff and outside of business hours we can divert the call to our UK and USA staff. The staff use exactly the same system as is used in Australia and are trained in exactly the same way.

Benefits Of A Corporate Answering Service

There are many benefits to be had by signing up for a virtual receptionist service. Firstly, our service is totally scalable. Whether you receive 2 calls per hour or 200 calls per hour we have the staff to cope with the load. Unlike your in-house receptionist with an outsourced virtual receptionist you only need to pay for the calls that we answer. If you don't receive any calls for a couple of hours then you don't need to worry about staff members sitting around doing nothing. Similarly, during holiday periods or slow periods you don't need to worry about holiday pay, leave loading or overtime as our cost per call will stay the same.

Our professional receptionists can do a lot more than simply answering your calls and taking a message. Our bespoke telephone answering system allows you to do a lot of clever things like set up hunt groups for specific calls, load in alternate numbers to call you on. You can also switch between having messages taken, calls forwarded and calls diverted to alternate numbers in seconds.

Why not let our telephonists be the corporate gatekeeper for your business. We can screen out all of those annoying telemarketing calls and just let through the ones that are important to your business. Also, how many times does your business get calls from people who simply want to know what the address is for the business, whether ther eis parking available or what the fax number is. We can help with all of these sorts of calls and take the burden off your corporate staff.

What It Costs

There are 2 approaches that telephone answering services use when charging customers. The first way (which is not the approach that we take) is to bill customers on the basis of how many minutes it takes to answer their calls. For example, if you have 5 calls and the average time spent on those calls is 2 minutes you would be billed for 10 minutes multiplied times the minute rate. The other approach (and the one that we use at Virtual Reception) is to charge on the basis of calls answered. We find that this approach is a much fairer one for our customers and makes it easier for them to estimate how much they are going to be charged and how cost effective the service is.

Here at Virtual Reception we offer our corporate customers packages of calls. For example, with our Virtual Receptionist 50 package you get 50 included calls and the cost to your business is $115. You then pay $2.60 per call for calls over the 50. We find that packages work very effectively for our corporate customers as the charging is totally transparent and allows them to effectively budget their ongoing answering service cost.

Who Uses Us

We have a wide range of businesses that use our telephone answering services. Occupations include lawyers, accountants, financial consultants, corporate advisers, IT professionals management consultants. Customers can range in size from one man bands to multi divisional businesses with hundreds of staff. Here at Virtual Reception we pride ourselves on delivering the same first class level of service to the customers of a small one man operation as we do to a large multi location corporate customer.

About Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception has been operating for more than 7 years and has thousands customers throughout Australia, the UK and the USA. Our telephone answering system has been built to provide our customers with total flexibility in terms of how their incoming calls are handled. We are an Australian owned business with our head office located in Sydney.

If you are interested in getting more information about corporate answering services and how your business could benefit from our services then please give us a call on 1300 893 820 and our helpful customer care representatives will be happy to help.

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