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Reasons To Use Virtual Services


Why you need a virtual assistant

We live in a 24/7 world that is constantly moving. People expect things instantly and if they don't get that instant satisfaction then they are quite likely to jump ship and go with one of your competitors. This can make the sales process a potential minefield if you are a small business and you are lacking in staff resources.

One way that you can increase your sales team and ensure that you fast track those orders through the sales funnel is to make use of virtual assistants. Here are 10 ways that a VA can help your small business to grow.


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Here are 10 ways that a Virtual Assistant can help your small business


1. Booking appointments


As a small business owner working from home you need to gain as much time in the day as you possibly can. One of the tasks that can take time away from your productivity is booking meetings and appointments with clients or service providers. The great thing about a virtual office service is that they can do this for you and they can manage this to ensure you don’t spend time going through your weekly calendar to find a space.

2. Following up

Building a positive relationship with your clients and audience is a huge thing when it comes to thriving as a small business owner. It is important for you to follow up when you have a meeting or a call, or even when a customer has left an enquiry or a review on your website. One of the services a virtual office can provide is a follow up service that will send thank you emails and letters out to your clients and customers. This ensures that you make a great impression with both and you will build a pool of loyal and happy customers over time.

3. Reception duties

One of the things you won’t consider when you launch your new business is the number of calls you may receive. Many people will call you for customer service enquiries, to sell services and even to set up meetings and these calls can take a huge chunk of time out of your working day. A virtual receptionist will answer these calls for you and weed out the chaff so you only get the most important calls through to your phone.

4. Calendar Management

As a small business owner it can be stressful to manage every aspect of the business as well as keeping a good schedule your work. This is why a virtual office can be a wonderful opportunity for you to manage your calendar and organise your life. A receptionist can set up meetings and other dates for you and this will ensure that you always have an organised calendar.

5. File Management

One of the biggest hurdles you will have to overcome when you launch a small business is file organisation and management. Most business processes involve some sort of files and after a while these files build up. A virtual office will use a service such as Dropbox to help manage and organise all of your business files and this will save you spending hours flipping through your computer every time you need to access something!

6. Database building

Databases such as a CRM system can be a huge task to build and if you have never built one before, the prospect of this can be scary. A virtual office service will help you to build a database of customers and clients so that you will never have to worry about your data being messy or unclear. As well as this, building database from scratch can take a long time and if you are trying to run a business at the same time this will severely damage your productivity.

7. Research

For those who are in the marketing field, one key service a virtual office can provide is research. For example if you are to write an article to promote a new product, a virtual office service will do the research for you and present it to you. This saves a ton of time and will allow you to write your content without spending too much time sitting through other resources.

8. Hotel and Flight Booking

If you are planning a company visit to another office or a factory where your products are made, a virtual office will take the stress right out of this process. Instead of you spending hours looking for buses, flights and taxis that work in terms of time, you can rely on a virtual office to do this for you. All you will need to do is pay for your bookings and enjoy your trip!

When you start a small business you usually have lots of ideas but not very much time to pursue those ideas. With a virtual assistant to help you out you will be able to grow your small business at a much faster rate and really take charge.

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