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What can a virtual number in Australia do for you?

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Need a local telephone number?

Virtual numbers are becoming increasingly popular with Australian businesses, and for good reason. Virtual numbers allow you to convey a local or national presence to your target audience, helping you to gain their trust and loyalty.

At Virtual Reception we have a range of Australian numbers with local numbers available for every major city in Australia as well as 1300 numbers available. You can use these numbers simply as a number divert service or throw in our virtual receptionist service for a complete virtual office approach.


We are so confident that you will love our telephone answering service as much as we do that we will give you an obligation free 7 day trial.

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The benefits of a virtual number


Number Diverting - Using one or multiple virtual numbers you can transform the image of your company. In the old days you might have got a pager service, now you can get a local or 1300 number from us and divert it to your existing number. Our numbers will have your company look well-established, trustworthy and reliable to help you receive more calls than if you were, say, using your personal mobile number. You can use these numbers in advertising, on your website and on business cards to portray the image you desire for your company.

Virtual Receptionist - At Virtual Reception we have a friendly professional team of Australian receptionists who are ready and waiting to take your calls. When you sign up with us we will give you a number that you can give directly to customers or you can divert your existing numbers to us, or both! When a customer calls your number one of our mature receptionists will answer, welcoming your customer and ensuring they do not just reach the machine and hang up.

Our receptionists will answer your calls however you desire, just let us know! They can perform a range of tasks depending on your business needs. These include information gathering, handling enquiries, taking messages and forwarding calls to you or one of your colleagues. Having someone pick up every time without fail helps you to gain your customers trust and ultimately, helps you make more sales!

Having Australian receptionists pick up your calls at virtual numbers all over Australia can help you establish a nation-wide company. Alternatively, if it is a strong local presence you are after, the same thing goes. Customers feel more comfortable with your company when they see a phone number or office located locally. A virtual number is an easy way to use this comfort to your advantage and encourage customers to buy your product!

Back your virtual number with a virtual address?


A virtual address creates an even stronger presence! At Virtual Reception we have a range of prime CBD locations all across Australia available to you. You will be able to use these addresses in marketing and on business cards – wherever you wish! This will help build customer support by ensuring them your company is well-established and reliable. Many addresses and our prestigious locations make it look like your company has stood the test of time, even if you are just starting up.


If you have any questions please give us a call on 1300 893 820 or sign up for a 7 day FREE trial of our virtual receptionist service to try us out today!

What if I am located outside of Australia?


No problem. We have lot's of offshore customers. You will need to prove your identity however once this is done we can set things up quite quickly.


How do I get my number?

Once you sign up you will then be allocated a virtual number for your business.


Is there a contract?

We don't lock you in to a long term contract. You can get out at any time with a months notice.


So how do I get started?

Our sales staff will be happy to help out. Simply call us on 1300 893 820 and we can kick things off.


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