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What is the power of a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers help to create the image and presence you desire for your company. They can help to build your reputation and increase customer calls. Plus, with Virtual Reception, throw in our virtual receptionist service and you can save yourself time and money all whilst strengthening customer relationships.


Number Divert

We have a huge range of Australian numbers available, including local phone numbers in every major city in Australia and 1300 numbers. When you sign up with us you will get allocated a local number and can add as many more as you would like. Our local and 1300 numbers can help you build a strong local or national presence, making your business appear well established even if you are just starting up.

A local phone number is extremely powerful. Customers want to go with something that is familiar and a local phone number reassures them that if they need help, they will be able to get onto someone. Having a local number may be just the push a customer needs to give you a call over your competitor.

With our number divert service we simply divert calls you get to this number through to an existing number that you nominate (called your landing number). The landing number can be changed by you at any time if for some reason you want calls diverted to another landing number.

Virtual Receptionist

Our virtual receptionist service works brilliantly alongside your new virtual phone number. With our virtual receptionist service, we will have a professional Australian receptionist answer every one of your calls exactly as you want. They can answer questions, take messages or forward the calls onto you.

We will have your customers thinking our receptionists are sitting right with you in your office. Every time they call one of your virtual phone numbers they will get put through to a live receptionist who will give them the attention they deserve. If you are working away at something and trying to answer all your calls at the same time, chances are, you are not giving either task the focus and attention you would like to. With a virtual receptionist, you can focus on your business strategy without having to worry about missing another call!

We offer a 7 day FREE trial of our virtual receptionist service. Set up is so easy you will have it all up and running in just minutes and we won’t ask for any credit card details. Put us to the test now to find out how a virtual receptionist service could work for your company.

For more details on our virtual phone number services or our virtual offices then give us a call on 1300 893 820.

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