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Mailing Address Surfers Paradise

Image is important in business. Unfortunately, if you are working out of a home office while your competitors are working from a CBD based address you could be giving them an advantage. People will be influenced by location and sometimes a home office doesn't quite cut it.

Unfortunately, those CBD based offices can be really expensive. Also, in setting up a CBD address you will not only be up for the rent but you will also have to pay out for bonds, security deposits, IT equipment, expensive furniture and a whole raft of other expenses. For a small business these expenses can really hit your cash flow.

There is an easier way. Rather than forking out all of that cash to secure a physical office on the Gold Coast you could sign up for a virtual office from virtualreception.com.au and save yourself tons of cash.




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Get The Benefits Of A CBD Address For A Fraction Of The Cost


Now you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a desirable Surfers Paradise address in Broad beach for only a fraction of the cost of a physical office. You can use your new address on all of your marketing material and get all of the benefits that come with it without the cost.

The Gold Coast is a perfect place to have your virtual address. Surfers Paradise is a bustling area with lots of small businesses and lots of start ups. You will feel quite at home.

Once you have your mailing address in place you should also consider signing up for a telephone answering service. A telephone answering service means that you phone line is never left unattended as our professional receptionists will be on hand to take your incoming calls.

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Office?


Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • You can use your Broad beach address on all of your marketing material, website, business cards and brochures. Customers will view this address as the official address for your business.
  • Any mail or courier deliveries that come to your virtual address can either be forwarded on to you at a different location (for a small fee) or they can be collected by you during business hours.
  • Having a virtual address leaves you free to work from wherever you want. One day you could be at the beach the next you could be sitting on your deck at home. You have ultimate freedom.
  • We don't lock you in to any lengthy contracts. You simply prepay for the period that you want the address for and we go from there. If you decide that you don't want it any more then you simply don't renew.
  • You get the benefit of a first class address at only a fraction of the cost. For as little as $46 per month you can get yourself an impressive business address.
  • Given the low price on these addresses there is nothing stopping you from going national and securing a premium address in all capital cities in Australia.

With a virtual office from Virtual Reception you can grow you business quickly and effectively. The money that you save by not getting a physical location can then be redeployed towards boosting your marketing and building your business.

How long does it take?


We can normally issue you with a mailing address within around 48 hours. In some cases we can have you set up in less than 24 hours.


What do you need from me?

We will need proof of who you are plus details of where you would like your mail etc sent. When you sign up we email you full details of everything that we need from you.


Where else do you have offices?

We can provide you with mailing addresses in all major cities throughout Australia. We have locations in both CBD buildings plus a number of key suburban locations. If you need a mailing address then we have you covered.


So how do I sign up?

Getting started is easy. Simply call our sales staff on 1300 893 820 and we will be more than happy to help out.

NO Minimum Term and NO Long Term Contracts

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