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Get A Virtual Office In Aurora Place Circular Quay Sydney For $60 Per Month

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Aurora Place

The Aurora Place commercial tower in Phillip Street Sydney is one of the most prestigious buildings in the city. Located just South of Sydney Harbour and around 500m from Circular Quay itself the building is easily accessed from Martin Place train station, Circular Quay train station and a number of the city buses. There are also a number of public parking stations within easy walking distance. Aurora Place is an award winning commercial building and is an ideal location for your Sydney virtual office.



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Why Pick 88 Phillip Street As Your Virtual Office


First impressions matter. When meeting or emailing potential new customers you want to give them the best possible impression that you can. Having a Sydney mailing address in a prestigious building like 88 Phillip Street gives the right impression and tells your customers that you mean business.

When you need to meet with your customers you will also have the opportunity to book meeting rooms and board rooms that are purposely built for business meetings or presentations. These meeting rooms will be equipped with audio visual equipment, white boards, seating that can be configured in a variety of ways plus everything that you need to give a first class presentation.

Our virtual office customers include accountants, lawyers, consultants, medical and para medical staff plus a variety of other professionals so you will be in really good company. Many of our customers have been with us for quite a few years however we don't lock them in to long term contracts.

Do You Want A Telephone Answering Service With That?


In addition to providing virtual offices and meeting room facilities we can also help you with a state of the art telephone answering service that is extremely easy to use and is also very affordable.

  • Our telephone answering service can be configured in a matter of minutes and ensures that all of your calls that are received between 9:00am and 5:00pm are answered by a live receptionist, not a recorded message.
  • A live telephone answering service shows your customers and potential customers that you mean business and that you value the contact with them.
  • Everybody hates leaving messages on automated systems. A live telephone answering service means that you don't end up missing any of those valuable enquiries.
  • A telephone answering service is also a great way to handle overload calls. During busy periods or during holiday periods you can transfer the overload calls to us and we will answer them in a timely and professional manner.
  • We can transfer your calls to anywhere in the world. If you want, our professional receptionists can email or SMS you with details of the call and you can follow up in your own time.
  • It is a really cost effective option for small businesses. Our plans start at $20 per month. Many of our customers spend around $40-$50 per month.

When you use our virtual office and telephone answering services you can actually be located anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. You could be sitting by the beach with your laptop and phone while your mail is being forwarded to your Aurora Place address and your calls are being answered promptly and professionally and being forwarded through to your mobile or as an email/sms message.

What type of business is suitable for operating virtually?


A lot of our current customers are professionals, consultants, accountants, lawyers and sales people. Almost any business where you don't need to have a physical showroom is suited for operating virtually.


But I still need to meet regularly with some of my customers?

No problem, Aurora Place has some amazing state of the art meeting spaces that can be booked by the hour. The meeting facilities come with audio visual equipment, catering facilities if needed and configurable seating.


What about other locations?

We have several locations on offer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We can also offer you 1300 numbers, local telephone numbers and meeting facilites in these locations.


How do I find out more?

Our local sales staff will be happy to take your call on 1300 893 820.


You can get on with growing your revenue while we take care of answering your calls.

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