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A study by a leading management consulting group showed that front line managers can be spending up to 60% of their time on admin related tasks. These are tasks that are doing nothing to boost their sales or income and are simply consunming the managers time.

As the manager of a small business how much time are you spending on non productive administrative tasks. It may not be as high as 60% but it is quite likely that it is at least 20-30% of your overall time at work.

There is a potential way out. With a virtual office assistant from Virtual Reception you can potentially claw back some of this time and focus that free time on building more sales and more profit from your business.


We are so confident that you will love our telephone answering service as much as we do that we will give you an obligation free 7 day trial.

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We Focus On Admin While You Focus On Business


Your new virtual office assistant can perform a whole variety of duties to free you up to focus on business. You can use them as a personal assistant to screen your incoming calls.

You could also use them to survey your existing customers to find out what they like and what they don't like about your business. They are also great at completing those time consuming admin and sales admin tasks.

All of our virtual assistants are employed locally in Australia. To keep our costs low they work remotely in their own home office and use the internet and VOIP phones to interact with you and your customers.

Why do I need a Virtual Office Assistant?


Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • You will definitely save time. Whether it is 20% or 60% depends on how much admin you currently and how much work you delegate to us however you will definitely see a benefit.
  • As opposed to employing a physical assistant, when you employ a VA with us you are charged by the minute. You only pay for what you use and you don't have to worry about holiday pay or superannuation.
  • Taking your mind off the admin tasks means that you can focus on strategy and ways to take your business forward. For the majority of small business owners thisa would be a major step forward.
  • You can ramp things up really really quickly. If you have a big marketing campaign happening and all of a sudden you need 10 people manning the phones then our VA's can help.
  • Our staff are so good at what they do that many of our customers customers believe that our VA's are actually in the office with them. What better recommendation can you get than that.
  • You don't have to sign up for any specific period or buy a block of time. You use us whewn you need us and don't use us when you don't need us. It's really quite simple.

With a virtual office assistant from Virtual Reception you can claw back the time that you really need to focus on strategy and grow your business.

Is there a contract?


There are no long term contracts to sign, you can simply use us when you need to use us and not use us when you don't need us.


How do you charge?

We charge for our VA's by the minute. This means that you will only be charged for the exact amount of time that you have used.


How do I communicate with the VA's?

As you would with a physical VA who is located in a different office. Predominantly by phone and via email. It won't seem too different to what you would be used to.


So how do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Why not call one of our friendly sales staff on 1300 893 820 and we can take you through the process.


Build your business while we answer your telephone calls.

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