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Sydney Virtual Assistants

The tasks that occupy 60% of your time are not the tasks that are making your Sydney business money. These time consuming tasks are the admin and sales admin tasks that end up eating into your day and keeping you back in the office at night. Eventually you may even start cancelling sales meetings to give you time to complete all of the admin.


The Answer To Your Problems

There is a better way. Maybe not the answer to all of your problems however getting a virtual assistant will definitely save you time and give you back the time that you need to focus on the important things for your Sydney business. A Virtual Assistant or VA can really help take the burden off you and can do so for a really affordable price.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

In many ways a VA is much like a PA. They can take your incoming phone calls and forward you messages when you are unavailable. A good VA can give information out to your customers when they call in and they can carry out surveys of existing customers. Our VA's can prepare reports for you, complete your sales admin and help with a huge range of time consuming tasks.

Virtual Reception VA's

Unlike a number of our competitors all of our VA's are Australia based. We employ mature, professional office workers across the country in area's such as Sydney, the Gold Coast, Central Coast etc who work remotely via the cloud to handle all of your administration tasks. Our VA's will present a friendly but professional face to your clients as they give you back the time to focus on strategy.

Call Answering Services

Our versatile professional assistants can also answer all or some of your incoming office calls. Using our sophisticated call answering platform we will answer your calls promptly and efficiently delivering a greeting that has previously been agreed with you. Once we have taken the call we can either forward you a message via email or sms or we can transfer the call to another line. The beauty is that we can be answering all of your Sydney calls while you are located anywhere else in the world. Business just got a whole load easier.

Executive Support When You Need It

By utilising our VA plus our telephone answering services you and your executives can get back the time that you need to focus on building your Sydney business. Our services are extremely cost effective and will quite likely be covered many times over by the increased work that you and your team bring in. Our professional team will work with you to make your Sydney business shine.

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