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Brisbane Virtual Assistant Service

Do you ever find yourself in the situation that your day is so clogged up with basic admin tasks that you have no time to focus on adding value to your current customers let alone getting out to find new ones. Your Brisbane business is effectively stalled! What you need is a virtual assistant!


Sales Administration Tasks

Your virtual assistant can help take the load off you. Our assistants are all Australian based and are mature experienced office workers. You can get them to carry out a broad range of tasks for you including all of that sales admin work that stops you from focussing on the key strategic tasks that you keep pushing out.

Telephone Answering

Our assistants are extremely flexible and can assist you with a broad range of tasks. Just like our virtual receptionists they can answer your incoming calls and either redirect those calls to your phone or send them to your email or phone via sms. The beauty of this is that you can actually do business from practically anywhere in the world.

Customer Research

Need to do some customer research on some of your existing customers? Don't worry, our virtual assistants are here to help. Our skilled VA's can take your customers through a range of questions, extracting key strategic information that will allow you to better carry out your job. Our VA's are so persuasive that many of your customers will think that they are sitting right in your Brisbane office.

Taking Incoming Enquiries

Your VA does not have to just take your calls and forward them through. You can supply your assistant with a whole range of information that they can supply to the customer when they call. This information could include detailed content about what types of services your company performs, what your availablity is and what sort of outcome the customer can expect after the service has been completed.

Support At An Executive Level

Having a virtual assistant to manage all of those time consuming tasks is a great way to free yourself up so that you can focus on strategy and growing your business. Many of our customers find that having a VA ends up paying for itself many times over as they can service their customers better and can spend time looking for more customers and making more money. It makes a lot of good business sense.

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It's just Month to Month, so easy!

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