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Small businesses in America have similar requirements to those in Australia except the market is around 15-20 times larger. What this means is that a start up American company could end up getting 15-20 times the number of telephone calls that a similar Australian business could be getting.

To cope with the potential of a huge volume of incoming calls a USA start-up either needs a bank of receptionists sitting, waiting for those calls or they need a good, reliable outsourced receptionist service that can be there when they need them.

Is it exactly the same as Virtual Reception in Australia?


In the USA we only offer telephone answering services and virtual assistant services, we don't offer any virtual address services as yet. If you are interested in virtual address services however, we can definitely recommend suppliers who just offer those address services. Here is how our US telephone answering services work.

  • Similar to how things work in Australia, you sign up for a free 7 day trial and we allocate you a telephone number. In the USA you will receive either a local number or an 800 number. You can then use this number as your main number if you want or you can divert your existing number to this number.
  • Once you have your American number you will need to agree the greeting that you want the receptionist to use when they answer your calls. As with Aus you can change this greeting at any time that you like.
  • You then just need to decide whether you want us to answer all of your calls or just some. This can be controlled the the admin area when you log in. It is all pretty intuitive to use however you can always ring us if you need any help.
  • Just like over here, our American customers receive messages by either email or SMS. With most people using smart phones these days we find that the majority of customers opt for an email.
  • In the USA we employ American receptionists to answer American calls. We don't offshore those calls to cheap overseas call centres.
  • The pricing in the US is very similar to that in Australia with a very similar pricing structure.

If you are happy with the level of service that you are getting from Virtual Reception then why not try out a live receptionist service at VirtualHeadquarters.com. We are sure that you will be impressed by the level of service.

How does the 7 day trial work?


The 7 day trial is a really easy way for you to try out our service. There is no requirement for you to pay any cash up front and you won't have to provide a credit card to start the trial. The trial gives you some time to test out the service and see how well it works.


What about the 1 month at 50%?

All new customers in the USA get a 50% discount off their first months package price. We find that the discount allows customers to really check out and fine tune our service without having to commit to a large bill. Our virtual receptionist pricing is also really competitive and we try to deliver packages that really suit our customers requirements.


Who answers the calls?

Our receptionists are local mature telephonists based in Phoenix in the USA. We find that by employing local workers we can provide a much better level of service to our customers.


Who uses your services?

We have customers from a wide variety of industries however we do find that we have a lot of customers from small business and start ups. A phone answering service like ours makes a lot of sense to a busy entrepreneur.


You can get on with growing your small business while we take control of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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