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In the fierce yet versatile world of modern business, there’s more than one way to manage your venture. Quite frankly, the only solution that your company should ever consider is the most efficient one. For many startups and small businesses, then, virtual offices are an ideal option that can open the door to a whole world of new possibilities.

The fact that you’ve already considered the idea of switching to a virtual office suggests that you already know quite a lot about the financial, logistical, and functional benefits – not least as it can work wonders when upscaling becomes necessary. Before making this commitment, though, it’s essential to build a winning strategy. Technology will play a central role.

Internet, mobile, and software technologies can all help streamline your venture and unlock its full potential. Here are the key investments that every virtual office requires.


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Tech For Admin Assistance

The main incentive for creating a virtual office environment revolves around the costs, and staffing is where you can save lots of money with immediate results. Rather than paying for a permanent personal assistant, why not choose a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can take care of various admin tasks, including H/R requirements if you want this service. Meanwhile, they can take phone calls and even divert them to your mobile in the right situations. With the use of a VoIP system (we’ll get onto that soon), they can have a number that links to your business even when they are located elsewhere. Alternatively, you can get an 0800 number to disguise the locations.

This is a far cheaper option, not least because it cuts down on the need for additional office space and equipment.

Tech For Communication

VoIP technologies are a great starting point. They enable you to make phone calls via an internet connection, which will significantly reduce the associated costs. This is especially true when your business handles international calls.

Given that your virtual office is likely to be supported by a range of remote-based employees, it’s important to invest in other communicational technologies. Email systems offer a good foundation, but team messaging App that can be used on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers enable you to run the venture in a far smoother manner. Another smart move is to think about adding Google Apps to your inventory.

Video calls are a very beneficial feature that can overcome many of the obstacles posed by not meeting people face-to-face. They are, therefore, an essential investment.

Tech For Easier Collaborations

In addition to great communication, you need to embrace collaborations. Cloud computing has changed everything in this arena and enables teams to work seamlessly in real time. When you find the right provider, it’s possible to upscale in a way that is best suited to your specific business journey, ensuring that your budget and productivity remain in great health.

This can be supported further by the addition of project management systems that collate everybody’s work and assignments so that the entire team know where the project stands as well as who has or hasn’t pulled their weight. This creates a sense of unity and togetherness even when the group is spread out across the globe and never see each other in person.

A team that works together succeeds together, and those sentiments should ring true irrespective of how you manage the venture. Be sure that it plays a central role in your virtual office environment.

Tech To Go Mobile

One of the best perks to be gained from the virtual office route is that you can take your work anywhere. This can bring a whole world of versatility to your work-life balance, which can have a telling impact on the results. After all, a happy entrepreneur that doesn’t stress over simple things will have a far clearer mindset.

Going mobile should start with buying a good laptop and a smartphone. Meanwhile, you can use tethering and other techniques to stay connected at all times. Alternatively, a portable wi-fi connection or membership to hotspots will allow you to thrive.

Tech For Order Fulfilment

Order fulfilment is a crucial aspect of any successful retail venture, which is why the need to ensure all products reach customers in good time and condition is vital. When running a virtual office, it’s likely that you’ll have limited or even no storage space for products. However, outsourcing order fulfilment aspects such as packaging and delivery to a third party can streamline the venture.

Advanced stock and inventory management can be linked to your online and offline ventures to keep the venture running smoothly, and can even be automated. With the third-party order fulfilment team also boasting access to these systems, everyone can stay on the same page throughout the journey head.

Having a virtual HQ and office needn’t stop you generating offline sales, though, especially through the use of popup stores. Mobile point of sale terminals can be linked up with the above management facilities too, relating info back to your staff on a continuing basis.

Tech For A Physical Office Address

While creating a virtual office environment that works from a functional perspective is one thing, you must not forget to consider client perceptions and how they can influence the entire business operation. A great first impression goes a long way in modern business; unfortunately, a large percentage of clients will look down on companies that operate from a residential address – even though it has no impact on the quality of your goods or services.

A virtual office address is the perfect solution to this problem. Simply register your address to their prestigious locations and clients will be impressed. You can even arrange for mail to be diverted to your real address for an extra cost.

The Final Word

Thanks to modern technology, outsourcing opportunities, and the changing landscape of commerce, creating a virtual office environment is more accessible than ever before. It will present new challenges, but the right plan of action will lead you to success. Given that the benefits for startups easily outweigh the drawbacks, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

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