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Should you be going virtual or serviced for your start-up business

When you start a new business venture there are lots of decisions to be made. Back in the old days, you would rent a space and fill it with equipment and people. Nowadays I think that there are a lot more options to consider.



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If you are starting a new business then there are a lot of unknowns. Generally you don't know how successful your new venture is going to be and how many people you are going to need. Of those people, you don't know how many need to be full time, how many can be part time and how many roles can be outsourced.

Unfortunately, one of the first things that people generally do is head out and lease themselves some office space before they fully understand a number of these key variables. For a lot of small businesses it makes good business sense to start off with either a serviced office or a virtual office before taking that major step to get yourself tied into a long term lease.

So what are the key differences between a serviced and a virtual office?


Before looking at the key differences it is probably worth defining exactly what is meant by serviced or virtual. A serviced office is a little bit like having your own leased office space in that you have your own office, a desk (or desks in bigger areas) and the normal sort of office facilities that you would get within a regular office. The big difference would be that you are renting the office in which you sit and sharing the rest. Rental periods are usually a lot shorter than if you lease your own office (ie, 3-12 month term) and the majority of the outgoings would be included in the overall cost of the office.

A virtual office on the other hand gives you the right to use an address. The address is usually a suite number at a serviced office location and may include a variety of other services like the option to have mail forwarded to you, have courier parcels collected, make use of shared work areas, book and use meeting rooms etc.

Here are the key differences between the two.

  • With a serviced office you will have space that is yours. You will have a door that you can lock and you will be able to leave your things in the office. You will be able to meet with clients in that office and make use of the facilities.
  • With a virtual office you will possibly be able to make use of work areas that can be shared but you have no physical space to lock your files etc in. You would generally work from somewhere other than the business centre.
  • When you sign up for a serviced office you would need to lock in for a period of time. This may be as little as 3 months however with a virtual office you can generally cancel with a shorter period of notice.
  • When you lock in to a serviced office you will need to lock in to a specific size of office, ie, you may need to accommodate 3 staff members or you may need to accommodate 6. Regardless, if you decide to increase or decrease the number of staff that you have then you may need to change the office that you are in. With a virtual office you can accommodate as many people as you like as it is a virtual space.
  • A virtual office gives you much more flexibility to grow and when linked together with a telephone answering service gives you a powerful virtual platform to launch your new venture.
  • A virtual office is significantly cheaper than a serviced office and significantly cheaper than a physical office. The cost of a virtual office is around 1% of the cost of getting some physical space.

When you are launching a new start-up business it is extremely important to focus on cash-flow and maximising your opportunities. Both serviced and physical offices offer cost saving opportunities over signing up for a lease and also are much less risky. In a lot of situations it could be more beneficial to go for a virtual office when you first start out and then migrate to a serviced office and potentially a physical office once you have proven that your business has potential to work.

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Who uses your services?

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