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Would a 24/7 Virtual Reception service assist you with your bustling legal career?

Be on top of your game as a lawyer and have our elite Virtual Reception service at your fingertips for when you require an on demand receptionist. Our team of professionally trained Australian based receptionists are committed to providing your legal clients with the first class customer service that they deserve.

As a lawyer in today’s modern business world, you have to be constantly on your feet, as you never know when your next meeting will be or when a large matter might present itself as a new opportunity. By becoming an integrated part of our Virtual Reception team, you can have the peace of mind that your clients will be looked after 24/7.


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Cost Effective Telephone Answering Services


Our on demand Virtual Reception service has never been a more convenient and cost effective solution for any lawyer wanting to build a successful law career with his or her firm. When calls come into your firm, they can be directly transferred to you, a paralegal, another colleague or alternatively, a detailed message can be sent to you via email, text message or both. Either way, you and your staff receive messages instantly so you never miss an important call again!

We understand how demanding being a lawyer can be. We will increase the productivity and efficiency of your legal practice by allowing you to focus on growing your business and establishing a strong client base instead of taking unwanted or unplanned calls which impacts your efficiency. Our premium Virtual Reception team can be there to answer your calls if you are busy in a meeting, in court or travelling overseas.

Get the receptionist your legal firm deserves


Whether you are a solicitor working for yourself or a barrister that is connected to a large firm, we make life easier for every aspiring lawyer. Having a Virtual Reception service enormously enhances the flexibility of how you can manage your day and run your business. You can be working from home, or even on holiday, and have our highly trained team of professional virtual receptionists take your calls. Your clients will literally think our receptionists are sitting at a desk in front of you in a genuine chambers / office environment. This enhances your image as a legal professional and can boost the national presence of your legal practice because you can also have virtual offices with us all around Australia. Integrating your personal life with your work schedule has never been more achievable.


We can appreciate the significant costs associated with starting your own legal practice as a solo lawyer. One of the most advantageous aspects of our first class service is that you only pay for what you use. Instead of paying an in house receptionist all day to sit in an office and wait for calls, our highly skilled team of receptionists will be there exactly when you need them. If you are experiencing a particularly busy time in your legal practice, then with a simple switch of a button, your calls can be directed to our team of Virtual Receptionists. With our sophisticated iPhone and Android apps, you can update your status anytime and anywhere.

Go virtual and save


Going virtual has never been so easy and with our no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial you can be up and running in minutes …. YES it is that simple.


Experience for yourself how our exceptional Virtual Reception team can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your legal practice. Regardless of whether you operate a small legal practice or are part of a much larger law firm, we tailor packages specifically to suit each of our client’s ongoing needs. As we have hundreds of clients just like you our Australian receptionists are also familiar with "legal speak" just like an in-house legal receptionist would be.


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We have customers from a wide variety of industries however we do find that we have a lot of customers from small business and start ups. A phone answering service like ours makes a lot of sense to a busy entrepreneur.


You can get on with growing your small business while we take control of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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