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A Virtual Receptionist Could Be The Answer To Your Productivity Issues

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Save Money By Using The Cloud

In a difficult economy every dollar that you can save can make a difference to your bottom line. You also need to be looking for ways to not only reduce your costs but give you more time to focus on generating additional revenue. By making use of cloud business services it is possible to not only cut your operating costs but also to give you back time to focus on strategy and sales. If you are looking for increases in productivity, look at cloud business services!



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Virtual Receptionists and Virtual Assistants


Having permanent full time staff in your business can cost a fortune. Not only do you need to worry about salaries and wages but you also need to think about Superannuation, Workers Comp, Holiday Pay and Sick Pay. Then there are the hidden costs like internet connections, office space, computer equipment and so on.

When you replace some of your physical staff with virtual staff you switch from a large fixed cost per month to a much smaller variable cost. One huge benefit of a variable cost versus a fixed cost is that you can ramp things up during busy periods and scale it back when things are slow. No more huge cash outflows during Christmas!

Our virtual reception system runs off a custom written platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your answering service. We answer your incoming calls with a custom greeting that has been agreed with you. We then either forward your calls to a number that you have specified or we send you a message via SMS or email. Simple!

So How Can I Increase Productivity With Virtual Staff


We can think of lots of ways however here are a few of the main ones.

  • By freeing you up from all of those calls that simply want your address or your fax number we can give you back a lot of time to focus on generating more business. You turn admin time into selling time.
  • Using our telephone answering services is generally a lot cheaper than trying to answer your incoming calls yourself. Some of our customers have saved up to 40% of the cost of having that permanent employee.
  • By having less permanent staff you need less physical space. This allows your business to be much more flexible and responsive to new work.
  • If you make use of our professional virtual assistants you can further reduce the amount of admin and sales admin work that you do. Freeing you up to focus on getting new business.
  • Because our staff become a variable cost for your business you are able to scale things up during busy times like when you have marketing campaigns. We can add staff almost instantly to cope with higher demand.
  • Our virtual staff can also manage your diary, booking in appointments when customers ring and giving them basic information about your business.

One of the great things about operating in the cloud is that you can base yourself wherever you want in the world and your customers will be communicating via your local phone number. Again, it adds to the flexibility.

Where are your staff located?


Our staff are professional office staff who are located throughout Australia. They have a good understanding of the Australian market and many of our customers callers actually believe that the receptionist is sitting in their local office.


How much does it cost?

Our starter plan is $20 per month plus $2.75 per incoming call. An average customer spends around $50 per month. If you receive a lot of calls per month then we can create a custom plan for you.


Do you answer all of my calls?

We can answer all of your calls or just the overflow. It is entirely up to you. Some of our customers use us for all incoming calls while others use us just during busy periods.


Do you have local phone numbers?

We have local telephone numbers for all major cities in Australia. We can also supply you with really affordable 1300 numbers for your business.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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