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In business, a single phone call can be life-changing. Every missed call represents a lost opportunity to create or convert a lead. If your team is rushed off its feet, or you can’t handle the volume of calls coming into your office, restaurant or salon, you don’t have to sacrifice the chance to attract new customers and boost profits. With a virtual answering service, you can capitalise on an external service, which will ensure you never miss a call. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper to find out how pay as you go answering services work, and how they could benefit your business.


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Introducing telephone answering services

Telephone answering services, also known as virtual answering services, are becoming increasingly popular. With this option, company owners can outsource call handling, putting their trust in experienced, trained professionals to answer the telephone on their behalf. Answering services ensure you don’t miss calls and they provide your employees with the time and freedom to concentrate on their jobs, rather than worrying about leaving their desk or stopping in the middle of a task when the phone rings. Pay as you go answering services provide a flexible, affordable option for business owners, which enables them to reap the rewards of a professional, seamless service without signing a lengthy contract or paying for services they won’t necessarily need or use.

What is a pay as you go answering service?

Pay as you go answering services are an effective solution for businesses looking to save money on call handling services and enjoy the freedom of a flexible agreement. Rather than being tied into a long-term contract with a service provider, pay as you go services give businesses the option to pay for services as and when they are required. This option is ideally suited to companies that have a tight budget and those who experience a rise and fall in call volume. Many businesses offer products and services that are more sought-after at certain times of the year, and this means that some spells are much busier than others. If you’re a travel company, for example, you may find that you want to use answering services during busy periods, but you don’t want to continue paying for a package during low-season. Pay as you go bundles give you the option to decide when you want to utilise services and how much you want to spend.

What are the benefits of call answering services for businesses?

Whether you have a small business, or you employ hundreds of members of staff, it can be incredibly challenging to man the phones and take every call when trying to complete several other jobs at the same time. If you find that you’re missing calls, staff are distracted by phones ringing throughout the day, or your employees are unable to work efficiently because they have to keep stopping what they’re doing to run to the phone, it’s wise to consider a call answering service. If you choose a pay as you go package, you’ll only pay for the services you use, and you can make budgeting easy by setting a monthly or weekly limit based on your average call volume.

The main benefits of call answering services for businesses include:

Creating and converting leads

Every time the telephone rings, there could be a customer wanting to place an order, book a table or make an appointment. If your team is too busy to take the call, or you have a receptionist, but they’re busy or on holiday, you run the risk of losing out. Research suggests that customers will only call a business twice before looking elsewhere, and 85% of people won’t ring back if their call is not answered. As a company owner, you want to maximise your chances of creating and converting leads, and using an answering service can help you achieve these goals. Your calls will be answered promptly and you can function 24-hours-a-day, ensuring you don’t lose custom once you shut up shop or log off for the day.

Customer service

There are few things that are more frustrating for consumers than listening to a phone ringing constantly or being put on hold. If you have a query, you want to find out more about a service, or you want to buy a product, you don’t want to be left waiting for hours or be passed from pillar to post. As a business owner, it’s crucial to understand the value and importance of customer service. If a customer has a negative experience when trying to contact you, this could prompt them to take their business elsewhere and it could also prevent them from recommending your company to others. If you can’t take calls all the time, or you’re experiencing a surge in calls, using a pay as you go answering service will improve customer service and help you achieve 5-star ratings. Customer service is key in an age where over 90% of shoppers consult online reviews.

Showcasing your brand

Creating a positive first impression is critical in business, as few customers will give you a second chance. It takes a matter of seconds for a human being to form an impression. If a customer calls your business, you want to make sure that you showcase your brand and set the right tone from the outset. If the phone rings for an age, or the person who answers is abrupt or they’re distracted, the customer will have a negative perception of your business. In contrast, if the call is answered promptly and the customer speaks to somebody who is polite, knowledgeable and courteous, this will contribute to a much more positive experience.

Flexibility and stress-free budgeting

Pay as you go answering services offer small and medium-sized businesses the flexibility to utilise virtual call answering as and when they need to, to cater for busy periods, to cover staff leave and to make budgeting stress-free.


Pay as go answering services are virtual answering services that you pay for on an ad hoc basis, rather than entering into a long-term contract. If you’re looking to reduce missed calls, convert more leads, free up time for your staff to focus on core tasks and ensure you create the right first impression, why not consider starting a trial and seeing the difference a telephone answering service can make to your business?

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