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Online methods are not the only way to get traffic to your website. Once the traffic is there, it is the job of your website to make the conversion into purchases, but you can do this without using online marketing. If you don’t know how to do this, there are a variety of ways and we are going to discuss them in this article. Keep reading to find out some of the offline methods that you can use to drive online traffic to your website.


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1. Promotional Material

Something that you should consider doing is using promotional material. Get your company name put on items such as pens, pencils, t-shirts, and things like this so that when people use a piece of this merchandise they will remember your brand. This will likely pique their interest, and they will go online to look at your products and services. The best place for them to get this information is going to be on your website, and this is why this type of offline method will drive traffic to your website.

This isn’t going to be as expensive as it would first seem. You can send these out as free gifts to your customers, and then their friends will see them wearing your merchandise. Again, this is going to drive people to your website. You can also take these items to trade shows where you can give them out to the people who come to your stall.

2. Leaflets

Leaflets are still one of the best ways to get information about your company to members of the public. By leaving an address for your website, people are likely to follow this to find out more information if the leaflet does not answer all the questions that they have. This is why when you make a leaflet to hand out to customers, you should put at the end something along the lines of ‘go to our website at XYZ for more information’. This way, people will go on the website to learn more about your products and services.

For this reason, it is important that you don’t put all of the information about your company in this leaflet. If you do, people are not going to need to head over to your website, as they will already know everything that they need.

3. Business Cards

When you meet people to talk about your business, being able to give them business cards is going to be useful. You need to make sure that this has all the essential information on it such as your name, the company’s name, the address, as well as your phone number and website address. These days, people prefer looking online to get their information, rather than actually speaking to someone. This is why it is a good idea to include your website on the business card.

Also if you include your company’s web address on the card, your potential client doesn't have to search for it. If you make them try and find it themselves, they are not going to spend ages trying to find it. So, if it doesn’t come up on the first page of the search results, it is likely that you have lost a potential customer. For this reason, you need to work on your SEO before you start giving out business cards.

4. Billboards

Next up is that you should be using billboards. People drive past these while they are on their way to work, and you would be surprised at the amount of traffic you will get from this. As long as you make sure that you have a location that is visible to roads, you are going to find that this does wonders for your online traffic.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and looking around for signs to read? This is what people do on a daily basis, and you want to make sure that it is your company’s billboard they are seeing. So, get your company a billboard, make it catchy, and ensure that your web address is on there in big letters. You might be shocked at the amount of online traffic that you will generate from this, but it’s nice to be pleasantly shocked!

5. Cars And Vans

Lots of people drive around in cars and vans, and if your company owns an entire fleet, you are going to want to put your logo on the side. Promotional vehicles are excellent for generating online traffic because you don’t see them for very long when you are driving. What this does is that people will try to find the company name and the web address so that when they get to their destination, they can look up the services that they need.

It has been known to happen that someone has been looking for a service, and they drove past a van that advertised what they were looking for. They then go onto the website to find out all the information, and book an appointment with that company.

6. Custom Clothing

You can also get custom hoodies and jogging bottoms made for your company. While you won’t see people wearing these to fancy events, they may wear them while they are out and about. When people see this, they are likely going to be curious about your company and why someone is wearing custom clothing. Again, curiosity is likely going to be the biggest factor here when driving people to your website, but it doesn’t matter why they got there, as long as they did.

7. Use The Radio

Radio is not dead, despite what many people will tell you. Many people still tune into the radio in the morning, and in the evening. So, if you can get your company a spot or an ad on the radio, you might reach an audience that you previously haven’t. You need to ensure that you are making the name of your company very clear here, and even calling for people to visit your website. There is nothing wrong with being this direct. Just tell people to go on to your website if they want some more information about your products or services. If they are interested, they will. If they aren’t, you could repeat it 100 times and they still wouldn’t.

8. Use Office Signs

If you have an office, put signs in your window. Many people won’t have time to come to your office or store to talk to you, but they will look on your website later. So, make it clear that you do have one and include the web address. You could even put phrases on such as ‘find the best offers on X’.

9. Run A Workshop

A workshop is like a seminar that allows people to get information and experience of your products or services. You can advertise this in shop windows, with flyers and so on. After the workshop is over, you can direct people to go to your website who want to make a purchase. You will see a lot of traffic, at least for a little while after your workshop. These are one of the best ways to turn potential clients, into traffic for your website, and then into customers.

10. TV And Magazine

Hire out a space on a magazine spread or in a TV ad. These are still very popular today, and many people are going to see your ad. If you ensure that your web address is clearly on the page or screen, you are going to see a flood of people who are interested in your service.

Those are 10 of the offline methods that you can use to drive online traffic to your website. We hope that you have found this helpful, and will use some of our methods to boost your online traffic.

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