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People hate to use Answering Machines. It’s hard enough to try to quickly compress all your thoughts into a few short seconds without wondering exactly when will anyone listen to my message! If your business uses an answering machine you need to realise that many of your callers won’t leave a message. What does that mean for your enterprise? You’ll never know - because all that prospective business just hung up

So how does this impact on your local Melbourne business? Well, if you currently miss 20 calls a week that go to the answering machine because you are in meetings or having dinner with your family or just otherwise caught up - then that could be seven or eight potential customers every week you have ignored and maybe lost forever.

Don’t lose sales opportunities with poor customer care. Utilise our Australian-based Virtual Reception Service and set a good impression with your customers every call. People like to talk to people – people hate talking to answering machines!


Try our professional call answering service with no obligation. You will be convinced once you see how easy our system is to use.

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When you think about all those calls that you miss they all add up throughout the year. There could be many opportunities for ongoing revenue streams that will never be realised because your Melbourne business doesn’t place enough emphasis on customer care

Our Melbourne Telephone Answering Service works really well and is easy to use. It’s simple. You sign in to your account and tell us when you want us to answer your calls. Also tell us the welcome greeting you’d like us to use with your callers when we answer on behalf of your business. Your Virtual Receptionists will professionally document the details of your calls and send them through to you via email or SMS – whichever you prefer. We’ll also ask you about your business so we can put together a concise FAQ for your Virtual Receptionist service team - that really helps with filtering - answering those sundry everyday calls. Then finally, instruct us – what calls would you like to prioritise and transfer straight through to you or your key staff?

What are the Benefits if I sign up my Melbourne business?


There are lots of reasons. These are a few of the bigger ones.

  • We will answer your calls 24/7 if that’s what you need. It doesn't matter where you are or what you or your team are doing – we are always reliably there – promptly and consistently representing your business with just the right tone, fresh and helpful no matter the time of day or night.
  • Our Melbourne telephone answering team becomes your Melbourne reception team. Your customers will actually believe that they are sitting in your Melbourne professional offices with you.
  • We take complete care of the call management for your business and that really frees up your time. Your precious time can now be concentrated on developing your company – and you will always have that reassuring thought that we never miss a call.
  • It is really affordable and a great cost saving. Many of our customers preserve up to 60% of the cost of employing an in-house receptionist. Those funds can be better spent on key parts of the business rather than paying for the salary, leave and superannuation of your own receptionist. We are also scalable – so when there are peak times for customer enquiries it’s never a problem for our Virtual Receptionist services. Imagine an in-house receptionist and a sudden spurt of calls, how many important clients will be asked to hold? How many customers will have to wait and wait until their call is answered. You can forget all that with a dedicated telephone answering service – you have maximised your customer care.
  • You can test your expert Melbourne Virtual Receptionists out for 7 days without any obligation or credit card commitment. This is really low risk and a helpful way for you to understand this proven approach to better telephone call management.
  • Another key benefit is that all the receptionists that are answering your calls are locals, based in Australia. Your customers will enjoy the familiar voice and be comforted talking to someone who knows the locale and all the nuances of Melbourne life.

A Melbourne Telephone Answering Service really does work so well. Our systems are being used by more than 6,000 businesses worldwide. We have many years of experience in this important industry and you’ll gain new business and impress your clients with the expertise of your Virtual Reception team. You can also access all the data on the calls to your business- that’s interesting detail to analyse. When do clients call? Was is the primary reason for the call. Where are customers calling from etc.

How will the answering service greet the customers?


You decide. We can answer your calls exactly the way you want with your custom greeting. We also welcome your customers within the first few rings of the phone – and a quickly answered call is always appreciated.


How much does it cost for in an average month?

It depends on the extent that you use our services. Our basic plan costs $25 per month plus calls so some of our smaller customers are only spending $30 - $40 per month. We have packages that are structured for larger customers and we can provide customised packages for really large-scale enterprises. It doesn’t matter if you are the only employee of your business and you work from home or you are managing a company with hundreds of employees – we value all our customers. Your Virtual Receptionists add so much value that you’ll wonder why you didn’t hand over the telephone answering process to our professionals before!


What areas does your service cover? Is it just Melbourne?

We also have offices in all of the other major Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We can provide our telephone answering services to you wherever you are located.


So what do I do now?

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial online with no requirement for a credit card. What could be easier! If you need to find out any more info you can call our friendly staff 1300 893 820 today. We’ll always answer promptly with just the right welcoming tone.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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