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Would you like your business to be located in the Melbourne CBD?

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Virtual Office Melbourne - Right in the CBD

At Virtual Reception our Cloud Office services provide your business with a professional presence that carries the credibility and prestige of the Melbourne Central Business District. Our business centre is located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, providing not just the impression, but also the reality of a Prime Melbourne office location -- without the overhead and without the long-term commitment!

In business first impressions count. If your business is located in a home office in the outer suburbs then it is not going to have the same impact on your prospective customers as it would if your address was a suite in a grade A building in the centre of the CBD. Having the right address could mean the difference between winning a bid and losing that bid.


Our Prestige Melbourne location:
Level 10, 440 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


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Your Own Melbourne Virtual Office right in the CBD


At Virtual Reception, we offer a variety of business services to enhance your corporate image and at the same time help you build your business. You can choose from our line-up of low-cost business services to meet your needs, allowing you the flexibility to use only the services you need for only as long as you need them. These services are designed to help you avoid paying high office-rental fees as well as avoid the significant costs of recruiting, hiring and training your own staff to handle the responsibilities that our highly competent team will oversee for you. When you add to that the money you'll save on office equipment and furnishings, we think you'll truly appreciate the advantages our services provide.

It's not just the savings that you can make on all of those office services. Think about all of the deposits and bonds that you have to pay when you set up a physical office. You not only have a bond on the premises themselves but you are usually up for electricity deposits telephone deposits plus a whole load more. Going virtual makes really good business sense.


Our Virtual Office Services Line-up


Our Melbourne service offerings include your choice of the following:

  • Virtual Receptionist Service: Choose our Premium Live Answering Service and our professional receptionists will answer and handle your calls exactly the way you decide. It makes great financial sense. Many of our customers report saving as much as 40% off the cost of an in-house receptionist.
  • A Melbourne CBD Local Phone Number: Combine your local or 1300 number with our Virtual Receptionist Service. 1300 numbers mean that your customers will think that you are a national business rather than a local business. A 1300 number is a cheap way to build your company's level of prestige.
  • A Melbourne Mailing Address: Use our prestigious CBD based Mailing Address to present the image you require to your prospects and clients. People are impressed by A grade CBD addresses. Your customers will see that you really mean business.
  • Virtual Assistant: Take advantage of our Assistant service to schedule your appointments and assist with Diary Management, update web forms and answer customers' questions based on information you provide. Our assistants are charged out on a per minute basis so you only ever need to pay for what you use.
  • Mail and Courier Management Service: Your mail and courier items will arrive into your Melbourne Virtual Office whereupon we will let you know. Either drop by our business centre for pickup or use our convenient Mail Forwarding or Courier Services. Your customers can ship things direct to your CBD address.

By utilising our Cloud Office services you can focus your time and effort on sales and customer service, driving your business growth. All in the knowledge that our professional receptionists and office staff are handling important, but more routine tasks.

Think of the peace of mind that you will gain by knowing that you have competent professionals there to help you out. The majority of small business owners only spend around 5% of their time thinking about strategy. By making use of our cloud services you can dramatically increase this percentage and take your small business to the next level.

Today's Technology Creates New Opportunities for Australian Businesses


With the use of modern technology, thousands of business owners are already enjoying the benefits that a Virtual Office in Melbourne provides. Join this fast-growing group of businesses from a variety of industries who recognise the value that our professional services offer their organisations.


Why not pair your new mailing address with a telephone answering service. Our professional receptionists could be answering your phones within minutes and will greet your callers with a custom greeting that has been agreed with you. Once your message has been taken you will receive that message via email in just a matter of minutes. Our receptionists are prompt, efficient and knowledgeable about Australian business conditions. They will save you time and give you back the time that you need to focus on growing your business and making it more efficient. We won't lock you in to any long term contracts. Our customers can cancel at any time with just a months notice. Despite not having long term contracts our average customer still stays with us for around 3 years as they get a first class level of service at a really affordable price. We also offer package prices that include a specific number of calls. This makes things much more affordable for our customers and gives them flexibility as they grow.

If you are looking to get one virtual address then why not consider getting multiple addresses and go national. For a very affordable annual fee you can give your customers the impression that you have locations around the country and you are truly national. Any mail that you receive at your branch addresses can then be forwarded through to your head office.

Today's technological landscape is changing, and these changes are permanently altering the way business is being transacted in Australia and worldwide. You need to make sure that you are keeping up with these changes and ensuring that your business is competitive. You nee to keep your business on the cutting edge. Call Virtual Reception today to learn more about the ways our Virtual Office Melbourne offerings can help you to build your business and to take it to the next level.

Contact us today for a 7-Day FREE trial of our world class receptionist service if you continue after the No Obligation FREE Trial. It takes just minutes to sign up and you don't even need to supply a credit card to get things started. Try our comprehensive selection of service offerings and find out why so many Australian businesses trust both their image enhancement and their daily business functions to our experienced office specialists, who are committed to making your Melbourne virtual address the hub of your successful enterprise.



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