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A Remote Receptionist Service Makes Sense

Employing a full time receptionist can cost a lot of money. Not only are you potentially up for $40 - $50k in salary but you will also have to pay super, workers comp, holiday pay, sick pay and more. On top of that, when your receptionist is off sick or on leave you will need to pay for a replacement to come in and cover for them. There is potentially a better solution.


Outsource Your Receptionist

Outsourcing your telephone answering to Virtual Reception makes a lot of sense, both financially and practically. Our professional trained receptionists will be there to take your incoming calls when you need them. If you have a marketing campaign running or you have an especially busy period coming up then we can have as many receptionists on tap as you need.

Our live receptionists work remotely throughout Australia. Because they are remote and not working from an expensive CBD location they cost less for us and consequently cost less for you. It's a win/win situation. Also, unlike some of our competitors we don't believe in outsourcing our call answering to overseas call centres. Our virtual office services are based here in Australia.

It can make really good financial sense. Some of our customers report saving as much as 60% of the cost of having an in-house receptionist. That's a serious saving for a small business or start up!

How Does It Work

Our live remote receptionist service works seamlessly. Basically, you sign up for a free trial service and we allocate you a telephone number. You can then use this number as your main business number or you can divert your existing number to the number that we have allocated.

You then agree a personalised greeting that our professional receptionists will use when they answer your calls. Don't worry if you need to change this greeting at any time. You can simply log in to use our intuitive admin module and change that greeting at any time.

When your callers ring through our professional receptionists will answer the call within around 6 rings. They will then greet your caller with the pre agreed greeting. Depending upon what you want done with the call they can then either forward the call on to you at a different number or they can forward a message directly to you. If you decide to receive a message then we can either send you an email (at no additional cost) or an SMS message for a small fee. With the take up of smart phones these days we find that the majority of our customers opt for the email option.

It all really does work seamlessly. To make it easy for you, you can also test us out with a 7 day free trial at no cost to you. If you have any questions about how our system works then please give us a call on 1300 893 820 and we will be happy to help.

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