Customers Don't Like Automated Systems

A recent survey carried out in the UK showed that up to 60% of callers will hang up rather than leave a message on an automated system. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases when they hang up on you they then simply ring the next person down the list. Not only are you missing out on a potential sale but you are also helping your competitors to build their business.

Live Australian Phone Answering Service

Virtual Reception employ experienced Australian receptionists who work remotely throughout Australia. Our receptionists are friendly professional telephonists who will answer your calls promptly and efficiently. We aim to answer all of your incoming telephone calls within 6 rings and are happy to report that we achieve this for more than 90% of the calls answered.

How Does It Work?

Set up of your live phone answering service is really easy. When you sign up for an account with us we agree a greeting that our receptionists will give when they pick up your calls. We then allocate a local telephone number that will be used for your account. From there, you then organise to divert your unanswered incoming calls to this local telephone number and our professional telephonists will start picking up your incoming calls.

How Do I Get The Messages?

When we take your messages, you have a two options for how you can receive your messages. Firstly, you can request for your messages to be emailed to any active email account (this is the most popular option). In this case, our professional receptionists will email you within minutes of taking your message. Alternatively, you could opt for your messages to be SMS'd to you which again would happen within minutes of us taking the call.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fees for our live phone answering service are very affordable. Customers sign up for a package that will include a specific number of calls per day. Depending on the package, any additional calls that are taken would then be charged at an agreed rate per call. From our experience, the average customer ends up spending around $50-$60 per month for the service. Not bad considering that you have a live receptionist available to take your calls.

What About Local Numbers & 1300 Numbers

Virtual Reception have a number of additional services that we can offer our customers including local telephone numbers and 1300 numbers. We have local numbers that are available virtually instantly for all major cities within Australia. We also have a range of 1300 numbers that are available for a fixed cost per month. Again, our 1300 numbers can be added to your account virtually straight away.

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