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An Answering Service Can Give You Back Control

We live in a 24/7 365 day a year world. Whether we like it or not customers these days expect your business to be contactable regardless of the time of day or night.

What this means for a lot of small business owners is that they end up working really long hours or worse still feel that they need to be available regardless of the time.

When you started your business, you did so because you felt that you could make a difference and make your mark, you didn't start it because you felt like answering the phone at all hours.

With a telephone answering service from Virtual Reception you can confidently leave the call answering to us and get on with the important task of growing your business.

Virtual Office

Here at Virtual Reception, we offer Australian businesses top-notch cloud business solutions around the clock. These vital services include 24/7 Cloud Receptionist Services -- our premium Australian Telephone Answering Service. We're convinced that once you've tried this amazing service, you'll wish you'd signed up sooner! By delegating this crucial yet routine business task to our highly professional telephonists, you will instantly remove the burden of answering phone calls from your own shoulders, minimising interruptions to your work and freeing up your time for other key business tasks that only you are qualified to handle. This intelligent business move will help you reduce stress whilst increasing your personal effectiveness and productivity -- a winning combination!

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Telephone Answering Service

Your personal receptionist will give your clients the distinct impression that this indispensable professional is sitting right inside your office. No matter how small or large your business, you'll enjoy many benefits when you commission our competent professional Australia based staff to answer your phones and carry out all of your receptionist functions. Save time, minimise distractions, decrease stress, increase focus and improve personal productivity by making this smart business move today. We answer calls for thousands of customers across Australia, the UKand the USA. Why not sign up for your own plan

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Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant service provides your company with a telephone presence that can do far more than welcome callers, take messages and transfer phone calls. Your Australia based assistant will handle such tasks as scheduling appointments, making reservations, taking orders, and answering customers' commonly asked questions based on information provided by you. Let our professional and competent staff help you add greater efficiency and increase the revenue to your business.

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Virtual Office Addresses Throughout Australia

The high cost of securing office space in Australia makes our Virtual Address service another smart move for your small to medium size business. We offer Mail Addresses in major cities throughout Australia, providing our clients a presence in a selection of convenient national locations. Our prestigious locations include these major Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Let one of our offices serve as your Virtual Headquarters, lowering your overheads and freeing you from the burden of renting, furnishing, staffing and managing a physical office space.

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Signing up for a telephone answering service from Virtual Reception makes a lot of business and financial sense. When you think about it, your time is actually a lot more productive when it is applied to generating income or servicing existing clients than it is when you are answering the telephone.

On top of that, if you are right in the middle of doing something complex and you need to drop everything to answer an incoming call it is likely that you are not going to present as professionally as you could to the caller.

You not only lose your train of thought but you might also lose a potential customer. It makes a lot more sense to have a professional receptionist on the other end of the line who can present your company in the best possible light every single time.

Also, don't worry if you have multiple calls coming in at the same time. We have a competent team who are available to take as many calls as you are able to throw at us. Whether it's 1 call a day or 1,000, the team at Virtual Reception are there to help.

Achieving your dreams is important. Don't let all of those little admin tasks and answering incoming telephone calls stop you from reaching your goals. Here at Virtual Reception our goal is to take away all time consuming tasks like answering the phone and give you the opportunity to pursue those dreams.

It is easy to get sidetracked in a small business. You head in each morning with a list of tasks that you would like to get accomplished and then the phone starts ringing and by the end of the day your list has grown and not shrunk. With the help of our virtual receptionists you can shrink that list and achieve those goals.

Another area to consider in terms of making your working life just that little bit easier and a lot more targeted is to think about using our Virtual Assistant service. Our assistants take the virtual receptionist idea one stage further in that they can carry out more complex tasks and spend more time with your callers. For example, if a lot of your calls are from people ringing up to place orders or who need to be helped through the order process then our assistants can help. Think of the additional time you will take back and the strategic things you can do with that time.

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