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Shutting Down or Going Away On Holidays?

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Don’t let your business STOP because you are having a break. With our "HOLIDAY COVER PLAN" we can take care of your client's calls during the holiday season helping you provide a consistent and professional company image at all times.

With our premium AUSTRALIAN answering service our receptionists will attend to your calls wherever you are or whatever you are doing.

We will follow your instructions to the letter on how you would like our local receptionists to answer your calls, collecting all the information you require.

If you have particular clients that you would like to speak to we can transfer calls through to you. Alternatively, we can take detailed messages which will be passed straight to you via email and/or text message.

Easily keep up to date with your business anytime and anywhere in the world via our iPhone and Android apps providing immediate access to your account to change your settings or view your messages.

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Includes up to 20 calls per month



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Includes up to 50 calls per month



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Includes up to 100 calls per month



Holiday Plus e.g. 200, 500, 1,000 calls per month


We tailor a package

After hours voice mail to email messages are included for FREE

(after hours is defined as calls outside M-F 8.00am-6.00pm and public holidays)

* available to first time subscribers only

7 Day Free Trial!

Keep your staff and clients happy with our cost-effective solution

After working hard all year long, it’s time for a break. The holidays are the season to spend more fun time with family and friends. However, we know how difficult it is to relax when the phone won’t stop ringing. Many businesses have higher volumes of calls during the holiday period - customers have more time to stay at home and catch up on the appointments, services and products they wanted to buy earlier. It can be chaotic for a business owner, when their staff take annual leave, and no one is able to answer all the calls while doing their own work. Having an understaffed team can have serious short and long-term consequences on your profits. Callers who don’t receive a response will most often not bother leaving a message and will turn to your competitors for help.

It’s a hard balance – satisfying all your customers and your staff - during the holiday season. You don’t want to ignore your clients, but also don’t want to overwork your team. Fortunately, we have a cost effective, simple solution that will make your life easier. Relax, let us handle your calls when your office is unavailable. We have a casual receptionist service for the times when your calls are overwhelming you. Many businesses in such industries as hospitality, retail, eCommerce, health, not-for-profit and car dealerships to name a few have increased demand from prospects and clients during the end of year and new year period and need help keeping up with their calls. Keep your employees and colleagues getting the most out of their day at work, rather than wasting time answering the ever-ringing phone.

There might be many reasons you can’t answer your client’s calls – you may be temporarily closed for renovations or moving office. Your team might be absent on long vacations, or dealing with an illness. Emergencies happen often, and you never know when sickness can strike, but there is no need to shorten the duration of your office holiday party, just let us handle it with our holiday cover. It can be frustrating to tell employees to work harder and longer to get final deadlines finished, when the rest of the world is already ready to celebrate. Take a heavy load off their shoulders with our premium telephone answering service.

Don’t risk losing business over the busy holiday period

Ringing customers will be delighted to reach an actual person who can help them with their query, rather than an automated voicemail. Our receptionists are professionally trained to answer each call in the name of your company with friendliness and respect. They will provide superior customer service whenever you need it, whether it be everyday 24/7, or only on Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Enjoy your time away with some anxiety-free time off while we assist your business the way you want us to.

Forget the stress of the constant phone ringing and have some quiet time, while our casual receptionists service you on a short-term basis. Every business owner needs a break, so have some relaxing hard-earned time off this holiday season. Enjoy life and the festivities on vacation while we keep your clients satisfied. We can cover your phones in any situation, whether you are short staffed, temporarily unavailable, busy during school holidays, public holidays or weekends. You may be hosting special events, team away days, or travelling. We know that with more of your team taking days off, line backups can be common, as there is an increase of customer calls during holidays.

Even if you are personally unavailable and on the other side of the world, we can answer all your client’s calls. Spend this holiday period relaxing more than you usually would with some family fun!

How can Virtual Headquarters work for you?

Here at Virtual Headquarters, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our receptionists. They are extensively trained and Australian based to give your customers the best customer experience possible. Having over 5,000 Australian clients we are well equipped to answer calls for any size company – we are sure to answer at least 93% calls within 3 rings or less! We have experience dealing with clients from all industries, so we are confident we can handle yours, whether you are a lawyer, accountant, construction company, educational institution, retail business, health clinic or anything else!

When you sign up to our 7-day free trial, you will be issued a unique virtual headquarters phone number. Simply redirect your company’s existing phone line to your new Virtual HQ one, and we will be taking your calls instantly. During this process, we will ask you a few questions about your business, like its address, frequently asked questions, and anything else you want us to know. Following your instructions and fully customisable script to the letter, we will answer your calls exactly the way you want us to.

You can choose to have the call redirected to you or a colleague, if the call is important for you to answer. Otherwise, we are happy to take a detailed message and collect specific information and send it to you via email, text or both – whichever you prefer.

Change your settings instantly anytime with our specially made Android and iPhone app. If you find that you will be busy for a few hours, like at an office Christmas party, simply indicate that you are busy, and our receptionists will know not to forward the call to you anymore. When working with us, we take all your needs to heart, and are as flexible as you need us to be.

We know that businesses are increasingly mobile these days and that means that you might be always on the go. Even if you work from home and don’t receive many calls, you might not want to be bothered during your family holiday times. Simply forward your calls to us and enjoy your break – we will keep your clients satisfied until you can get back to them.

Take your sweet time off and relax with our 7-Day free trial today. It only takes a few seconds to set up an account. We will be taking your calls straight away - so there is no reason to hesitate. Make your break better this holiday period!

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