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When the holiday season rolls around again, life doesn’t slow down when you’re in business. In fact, you may well be in your most productive and profitable time of the year, and there is often no let-up for you or your team.

Your customers do not just stop ringing throughout the holiday season, and you cannot afford to ignore them either. In treading the fine line between being as productive as possible and not compromising on customer service, using an answering service may well be the answer to your predicament.


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Using An Answering Service Means You Don’t Miss Important Calls

Your customers and clients will always ring when it is most convenient for them, and not you. And shouldn’t they? Everyone leads busy lives, and often making those important phone calls can end up getting pushed aside until a customer has time to spare. And that could be at any time, on any day.

When it comes to your business, you cannot afford to not be available for your customers whenever they need you. Having the ability to get in touch will give them the peace of mind that they need, so they know they have got their message across.

Hiring a virtual receptionist company as an answering service for your business during the holiday season will mean that you won’t miss a thing. So whether you are snowed under with a heavy workload, or you are enjoying a little bit of festive downtime, you know that the needs of your customers are still being met.

All of your messages will be fed back to you via SMS or email, and you’ll be able to catch up on these and get back to any customers that you need to speak with when it is most convenient for you.

You Can Remain As Productive As Possible During A Busy Period

If the holiday period is a busy time for your business, you need to have all of your resources free so that you can be fully available to meet the demands that the season has to offer.

Whatever line of business you are in, chances are that just because it is the holiday season does not mean that you or your team get to kick back and relax. On the contrary, you will no doubt be facing some significant challenges in your business, and you need to put all of your efforts into meeting these challenges head-on.

But when your phones are ringing all of the time, you won’t be able to get much done. And when you are not productive, the business will stop being efficient, and this could affect your ability to serve your customers or clients. Ultimately it could cost you valuable profits.

Having a virtual receptionist answering your calls will mean that you can keep just as busy as ever without having to stop to take a call. You won’t miss a call either, and your virtual receptionist will send these onto your email or SMS service so that you are always kept firmly in the loop.

Using An Answering Service Means You Can Enjoy A Break Too

If you’ve worked hard over the holiday period, you deserve a break too. You’ll no doubt want to keep your team happy also by letting them get the benefit of some time away from the business. And rightly so, there are not many days of the year that you will have the luxury of that kind of break.

But what about any of your customers that want to get in touch on the days that you are not open? All of these calls can still go through to your answering service, meaning that your customers get continuity of service.

Their calls will go through to a professional virtual receptionist who will be able to take messages and pass these onto you. If you have selected the answering service that provides an answer and response service, then your customer’s queries may be answered without the need for you to get involved too. This will save you further time as you won’t need to follow up on this.

A Virtual Receptionist Will Ensure You Won’t Lose Customers

There’s nothing worse for a business than losing valued customers. If you are not on hand to take their calls, they may end up getting frustrated. This could then lead them to go to one of your competitors. This is not good for your overall business strategy, and you should be doing everything that you can to retain your customers, as well as to welcome in new ones.

But when you cannot physically be there to answer the calls because you don’t have the resources to do that, then you run the risk of turning customers away. This can very quickly earn you a reputation for delivering poor customer service. This could damage your business considerably, and it will require a significant change and a lot of work to regain the trust of your customers.

If you don’t want to be known as the company that lets perfectly good customers fall through the cracks, then you need to ensure you have the necessary arrangements in place to meet their demands.

Using an answering service will ensure that you can meet the demands of your customers. Having their calls answered will mean that you can retain them and, in doing so, maintain an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional customer service at all times.

Whatever line of business you are in, your customers should always be your priority, even when you are physically unable to talk to them yourself. Investing the time and money in implementing an answering service for your business will be the best solution. This will allow you to continue at full steam during your busiest periods, and it will enable you to take a much-needed break during the holiday period.

An answering service is simple to set up, and you don’t even need to change your phone number. This makes the transition seamless for both you and your customers.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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