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Emotional Intelligence Matters


Why your staff need emotional intelligence

There are a lot of important skills and qualities that are required when working in a customer-facing role. For instance, these days a lot of companies will want to hire customer-facing staff who have basic computer skills and are good at face-to-face communication. However, there is one other basic skill that recruiters are now starting to add to their list of things they want from new hires - emotional intelligence.

But what exactly is emotional intelligence? Simply put, it’s the ability to recognize and manage all of the many emotions that we experience. Having really good emotional intelligence can also help us understand the emotions and feelings that others are experiencing as well.

This is one skill that many recruiters now understand is important for all customer-facing staff to have. Here are the main reasons why that is.


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1. It Will Help Staff Deal With Difficult Customers

One of the big reasons why a lot of companies are now looking for emotionally intelligent customer-facing staff is because it can really help them to deal with any difficult customers. Customers who end up frustrated or annoyed will often complain directly to staff. It’s really important that your customer service employees know exactly how to manage these kind of customers in a professional manner, otherwise things could really get out of hand. Thankfully, emotional intelligence can help with this as it will help your staff to spot any negative emotions early on. This will ensure that they manage them and the whole situation correctly. Emotionally intelligent staff will be able to calm down any angry customers and ensure that they don’t leave your business too irate.

2. It Can Help Motivate Staff

Were you also aware that being emotionally intelligent also helps staff to stay motivated in the workplace? That’s because staff that possess plenty of emotional intelligence will know what makes customers tick and they will have a much better idea of how to improve their service to please the general public. This can create an internal motivation in your staff - they know how to make customers happy, so will try all that they can to achieve it.

3. Your Staff’s Communication Skills Will Improve

Being emotionally intelligent can help each of your members of staff become a people person. This should help them with their communication skills as well. Once your staff have the emotional intelligence to be able to notice the emotions that customers are feeling, they will be better placed to communicate with them in an effective way. As a result, talking to anyone who walks through your business’s doors shouldn’t be an issue for any member of staff!

4. They’ll Be Able To Better Identify Emotions In Customers

It’s super important for your customer-facing staff to be able to spot and identify the emotions that your customers are experiencing while dealing with your business. Thankfully, emotional intelligence ensures that this is very easy for them to do. Once they are able to identify emotions, then they can alter their customer’s experience so that it appeals to them a lot more and makes them more likely to purchase an item from your business. It also guarantees that your customers will enjoy their exchange and experience with your company and so will be very likely to spread your name through word-of-mouth and to leave positive reviews on online review sites.

5. It Can Help Staff Know How To Utilize Emotions In Problem Solving

Of course, being good with emotions isn’t just useful when communicating with customers. There are other ways your customer-service staff will be able to utilize this quality. For instance, it will allow them to utilize their emotions a lot better when they need to solve any problems. That’s because they will have the ability to harness their emotions for use in all of their tasks. Using various emotions when problem solving will really help them bring all of their skills and qualities to the fore, which is often necessary when trying to come up with solutions.

6. Staff Will Be More Likely To Take Responsibility

People who have a low level of emotional intelligence can often be found to be playing the victim. They also find it quite difficult to take responsibility for their own actions as well. Thankfully, when you hire customer-facing staff who do have really good emotional intelligence, you can be sure that they will always take responsibility for all that they do. So, any errors that are made in the workplace will always be accounted for and there will be no need to waste time trying to get to the bottom of any issues.

7. It Can Really Boost Teamwork

Many companies find that when they hire customer-facing staff with good levels of emotional intelligence, then it can really boost the teamwork within the business. This is because each member of staff will have the ability to emphasize with everyone else, which can really help when it comes to resolving any conflicts. Not only that, though, but a high level of emotional intelligence is also necessary to keep cool under pressure. Most people who do have really strong emotional intelligence really thrive when they do have to work as part of a team. By boosting the team work within your customer-service department, you should find that it also helps to improve the customer experience of your company as a whole as well.

Emotional intelligence is a very useful trait to have in your staff in the workplace. But it really is extremely necessary and beneficial in all of your customer-facing staff too. They will be able to keep customers happy even in some very testing situations, and it can help them in various aspects of their work as well, such as the problem solving that we mentioned above.

So, if you want to try to develop your customer-service team, it’s worth trying to train them in emotional intelligence. The benefits that this will bring to your business will be extremely noticeable and your reputation could be boosted as a result!


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