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When you start your new business there are lots of things that need to be organised like setting up a virtual office, getting your telephone answering in place and designing all of your marketing materials. One of the items that generally gets left until last which should however be one of the first items off the rank is setting up your website.



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Building a website is just stage one.


A lot of people think that getting your business online is simply about building a nice website and making it accessible on the internet. Maybe that was the case 10 years ago but unfortunately these days getting your site up is just the first stage and then the serious work starts in terms of driving good convertible traffic to your site.

The two primary ways that people drive traffic to a website are through paid search and organic search. Paid search includes things like Adwords, Bing, Banner adverts and paid directories. Organic search is traffic that has been generated by using free web listings and by carrying out SEO (seach engine optimisation) on your website.

How do I get free traffic to my site?


There are lots of ways that people generate free traffic. Here are a few of them.

  • Get your on page SEO right for your site. Do some keyword research in terms of what people are searching for within your niche and target those words within your pages title, H1, H2's and general content.
  • Sign up to some good quality free directories. Some of the better ones in Australia include Truelocal, Hotfrog and Aussieweb. Signing up to these directories helps in 2 ways, firstly you might get traffic from the directory itself and secondly you might get a link benefit from Google.
  • Get involved in some forums within your niche. Forums are a great way of getting your name out there and getting some interaction with some like minded people. A good example within Australia is the Flying Solo forum.
  • Try to get some links back to your site from association sites or businesses that have a relationship with your business. These links will not only generate potential business for you but could also give you a link benefit from Google.

How long will it take to rank?


It can depend very much on the industry that you are involved in. If you are in a very competitive industry then it can take several months to a year, if you are in a not so competitive industry you may rank within a few weeks.


How much does Adwords cost?

Adwords for competitive industries can be very expensive ($20 plus per click is not unknown) while not so competitive industries can be relatively cheap (as low as a few cents). Unfortunately, you won't really know until you try it out.


Should I employ someone to manage my SEO/SEM?

If you have a good understanding of the way that the internet works then it probably won't take too long to also learn about how SEO and SEM work. It is probably worth considering that an SEM professional probably devotes a lot of their time to internet marketing and would have done so for quite some time.


Will a lot of links help?

Getting unnatural links will likely cause more harm than good. Google has algorithms in place to look for unnatural links.


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