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Grow your business by connecting with your customers

When it comes to business, connecting with your customers is a huge part of success. While a business must succeed at profiting off the goods and services that it provides, the human aspect of doing business is often overlooked. We've put together 5 opportunities to connect with customers to help you understand how you can build better relationships with the people who keep you afloat. Try them out and watch how your small business benefits.


Here are our suggestions for how you can connect better with your customers

5 Opportunities to Connect with Your Customers

1. Greet them when they're coming through the door.

If you're a small business owner with a physical location, never underestimate the importance of greeting people when they come in. A lot of your business comes from people who live in the area. Greeting them with a smile and a hello makes an automatic good first impression. That's key as first impressions can often determine whether someone will do business with you or not. A positive first impression not only makes customers feel at home, but it also makes them that much more likely to recommend you to others.

2. As they're walking around.

Customers are often looking for a specific item. They had it in mind when they got in their car and they came to your business specifically to get that item or service! When customers are walking around your store, they're either browsing or hoping that someone offers to help them. They'll welcome the chance to get some assistance in their search, and you may be able to help them discover other items that they can use as well.

3. Through social media.

Social media is a great way for small businesses to promote themselves and to connect with customers. Whether it's advertising a certain product or sale you're having, promoting your business, responding to positive (and negative) comments, social media provides a platform unlike any other. It's the norm now for small businesses to be on social media. From Instagram to Twitter, having a place where customers can ask you questions or reach out will help you connect, reinforcing your relationship and making your business more solid.

4. By asking them questions.

One of the easiest ways to connect with your customers is to ask them questions! Whether online or in person, asking questions is a way to show you care. It's also a great way to get feedback about their experience, what they're looking for, and what they like or dislike about your business. Ask a customer a question and they'll likely give you an honest answer-- and appreciate being asked.

5. By listening to them.

As a business owner, sometimes you're going to get feedback that you didn't necessarily ask for. Whether it's a customer who had a bad experience or one who would like a certain product carried in the store, listening to your customers is the best way to connect. Not only will they feel heard, they'll be more likely to return and give you repeat business. That, after all, is where most small businesses benefit; from loyal customers who want your business to succeed. So when a customer wants to talk to you, just listen. It may accomplish more than you think.

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