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Give Your New Business A Boost With Cloud Services

When you start a new business venture flexibility is key. You need to be able to add resources or reduce resources quickly without having a huge impact on your cashflow. This is where the cloud really starts to shine. Here at Virtual Reception we offer a range of cloud based office services that can really give your new Sydney venture an edge on the competition.



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More Than Just A Virtual Receptionist


Here at Virtual Reception in Sydney everything that we do is in the cloud. Our professional Australia based receptionists will answer your phones, direct your calls and email your messages totally via the cloud. If you need a virtual assistant, then everything that they do will be done remotely without ever having to visit your Sydney premises or meet you face to face.

Using virtual office services can provide some really great tangible benefits to your business. It gives you the flexibility to scale up or scale back extremely quickly. If you decide to have a big marketing campaign then we can add virtual receptionists very quickly while if you decide to scale back for the holiday period then we can also scale back just as quickly.

Utilising virtual receptionists and virtual assistants also frees you up to focus on bringing in more business. Think about how much time you have been wasting on admin task and think about how much this time is worth when applied to generating business.

So Why Should You Go With A Cloud Based Service?


There are plenty of reasons, however here are a couple of the top ones.

  • A virtual receptionist gives a great first impression of your business. Customers will think that you are actually much bigger than you are.
  • We can be there when you are not. Our receptionists will answer all of your calls quickly and efficiently. You could be in a meeting, out at lunch or sitting in the car and we will be there for you.
  • It makes good economic sense. Some customers save up to 40% of their admin cost by outsourcing to the cloud.
  • More time saved means more time that you can spend focussing on doing the things that you are good at. Building your business.
  • Absolute flexibility. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. We don't lock you in to any contracts.
  • Our staff become your staff. The feedback that we get from a lot of our Sydney customers is that their customers quite often think that our receptionists are actually in the office with them.

Another great thing about having a cloud receptionist is that you don't actually have to be in Sydney to take your calls. Physically you could be sitting anywhere in the world while our professional receptionists take your calls and redirect them to a device of your choice.

Can you provide me with local phone numbers?


Definitely. We have a range of phone numbers available for all major capital cities. We can also help you out with 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers.


How much does it all cost?

The basic plan for a telephone answering service starts at $20 per month (not including gst). A lot of our small business customers spend less than $80 per month for our services. If you have a larger and more complex business then we have some really cost effective packages. For very large businesses we will be happy to custom design a package that suits you.


Can I get a virtual address with that?

Sure, we have addresses and virtual offices available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. In many of these locations you can also arrange for a range of state of the art meeting rooms if you need to meet with your customers.


Who do I call to find out more?

Our Sydney sales staff will be happy to take your call on 1300 893 820. You are also welcome to try out our telephone answering service for 7 days at no cost to you.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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