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Save money with a cheap telephone answering service

A professional call answering service doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. While the word cheap implies that you are going to get a poor quality of service it is not the case with Virtual Reception. We are able to offer a cheaper answering service because we have built efficiencies in to our processes and we manage our resources efficiently.


You need a professional answering service!


There are many reasons why you should think about signing up for a telephone answering service however the main reason relates to money. Firstly, by signing up for a professional virtual receptionist service you will free up either your time or your workers time and you will be able to focus on growing your business and generating more sales. Secondly, if you currently have an internal receptionist function then by outsourcing that role to us you will potentially save up to 40% of the employee costs.

Saving money or making more money are pretty good incentives for making a few business changes and making use of the cloud.

Will my calls be answered offshore?

We don't use offshore call centres. Our professional receptionists work from home offices in different locations throughout Australia. We only employ experienced professional receptionists and because they work from home they are much more cost effective than a receptionist working in a city based call centre.

Do I need to give you all of my calls?

No, our virtual office services are extremely flexible and you can give us as many or as few calls as you want. Some of our customers use us for all of their incoming calls while others use us for overflow work. You could even just use us when your in-house receptionist is off on annual leave.

How do you define cheap?

Our basic package is a cost of $25 per month plus a small per call charge. We then have a range of packages that include a number of calls. We find that these packages work extremely well for small and medium sized businesses who want to have a fairly clear view of what they are going to be up for. The average small business customer generally ends up spending between $50 and $100 per month.

How do I get started?

Getting started is really quite easy. You can sign up for a 7 day free trial on our Signup page in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can ring one of our helpful customer care staff on 1300 893 820 and we can do the whole thing over the phone.

Once you sign up you will be allocated a telephone number. You then divert your existing phone to this number to allow us to answer those calls (if you only want us to do overflow then you would divert after a specific number of rings). You then tell us what greeting you want us to use when answering your calls and how you want us to deliver the messages to you.

What could be better than a quality service at a cheap price. We don't lock you in to long term contracts and you can upgrade/downgrade your package at any time. Brilliant!


Build your business while we answer your telephone calls.

NO Minimum Term and NO Long Term Contracts

It's just Month to Month, so easy!

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