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Image matters. Communication matters. If your business is missing phone calls you could be depriving your enterprise of great opportunities for new revenue – but you will never know. People hate answering machines. Mostly customers don’t bother leaving a message if their call is answered by a machine. If callers get switched to an answering machine because you are out on a client visit or your receptionist has gone out to lunch or 5pm has come around and you’ve shut the door to your customers, don’t be surprised if there are no messages left when you listen to the tape. Many callers will simply contact your competition and if your business competitors have a live person answering the call – you lose. A person at the other end of the line taking a customer’s calls before 9am or after 5pm or even on a Saturday morning shows one thing to a prospective client – your Brisbane business cares.

If your Brisbane business is receiving 20 telephone calls per day and you are potentially missing 6 of them because they bounce to voicemail this could be really damaging to your company. The wise approach is to get some certainty in place. Make certain every call to your business is answered.

This is where we can help. The experienced Virtual Reception team provide superior call answering services that ensures every single one of incoming telephone calls is answered warmly. promptly and efficiently by local Australian-based professional receptionists. That sort of reliability brings great confidence to any business and frees you up to concentrate on the main management tasks.


Try us out with no obligation. We are convinced that once you see how easy our answering service is to use you will be here to stay. Trial our service and realise the multiple benefits of a professional telephone answering service.

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Your Own virtual receptionist in the Brisbane CBD


Whether you work in the Brisbane CBD or you work elsewhere in Queensland and need a presence in Brisbane we can help.

Our phone answering service has been perfected by many years of industry experience. We will expertly help you set your service up in a very short time. One of the first things we will ask is how you would like your Virtual Receptionist team to welcome callers on behalf of your business - what greeting would you like? We will also ask you about your business and compile a concise FAQ for your Virtual Reception so we can easily filter all those routine enquiries. Then you can let us know how you would like to receive the details of calls from your receptionist team – SMS or email? Finally there will also be those sort of calls that you want to prioritise and transfer straight through to you or your key staff. Just direct us,. Tell us what you want to happen and we will strictly adhere to your instructions.

It is a simple process and because you can do everything online you can log in and access the software at the end of the working day and fine tune it yourself. Want to change the greeting or extend the hours of the Call Answering team? No problem. Use your Brisbane Virtual Receptionists whenever you need to – 24/7? Just for after hours and weekends? At peak overflow times for your sales campaigns? We are at your service whenever you need our reliability.

So Why Should You Choose Virtual Reception?


Here are some of the main reasons why you should call for Virtual Reception.

  • We employ local Australian Virtual Receptionists to take your calls. Many of our professional customers tell us that their callers think that the receptionists are actually based in their Brisbane office. After using our service for a while our team will feel like your team. That’s the way it should be – we want you happy because a satisfied customer is the best marketing tool you can have.
  • Using a dedicated Brisbane Call Answering Service means that you can concentrate on growing your business without all those mundane interruptions. You or your staff shouldn’t have to become ad hoc receptionists when there is a professional service waiting to support your business. Maximising your precious time is a great reason to use Virtual Reception.
  • We are there 24/7 to answer your calls. Even when you are not thinking about your business, we’ll be there – answering on behalf of your company in just the right professional tone.
  • It makes excellent financial sense. Some customers have saved up to 60% compared to the cost of their own in-house receptionist. Your business won’t need to pay a receptionist salary or superannuation. This is the smarter approach – you only pay for what you need. Think about the reality that if you employ your own in-house receptionist, even when the phones are quiet – you still have all the costs!
  • Another reason to choose our service is that we won’t lock you in to any tricky long term contract. That’s not the way we do things at Virtual Reception.
  • When you’ve chosen Virtual Reception as your Telephone Answering Service provider you have also opened the door to many other Virtual services you can access. These include virtual office services, virtual addresses and virtual assistants, 1300 numbers and more. These are all great solutions - especially if you are just embarking on a new business and keeping costs down is really important.

Our state of the art telephone answering services give you the time that you need to build your business. Our experienced, professional and efficient receptionist staff become your receptionist staff. We are also so confident that you will love our services that we are happy to give you a no obligation free trial for 7 days. What could be easier!

Will I need to get a new telephone number?


Only if you want a new one. We can work with your existing Brisbane number and just link that to our system - or if needed we have a great stock of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide numbers. We can also supply you with 1300 numbers.


How much will it all cost?

We have call packages to suit businesses of all sizes with many of our smaller Brisbane customers spending as little as $50 per month. As your company grows and expands you may want to upscale to a larger package and you can also reduce your call plan if that’s what you need.


Where do you operate? Are you only in Brisbane?

We have more than one thousand customers spread across Australia. We have regional offices located in all major cities including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Perth. Virtual Reception is an experienced operation with a history of many years of dedicated telephone answering services to companies just like yours.


So what's the next step?

Sign up for an obligation free trial. You don't have to provide any credit card information and it is all done online. Alternatively you can give one of our friendly staff a call on 1300 893 820 to find out more.


Leave the call management to us! Just imagine our friendly local Australian voice presenting a professional image to your callers each and every time.

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