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Save money and increase flexibility by going Virtual


The benefits of going virtual

Changes and improvements in technology have brought about some great opportunities in the business environment. The days of having to lease or buy a fixed piece of real estate for your business are over. Having a virtual office can give you the affordability and flexibility that you really need to really get your business moving. Here are some of the key benefits that you can get from a virtual office.

Improved cash-flow

Starting a business the traditional way can be very expensive. Not only do you have to pay out for rental deposits, utility deposits and office furniture but you also have to pay ongoing rent which could be quite significant over the period of the lease. A virtual office will cost you a fraction of this cost and when combined with an answering service could save you thousands of dollars that can be spent on building your business.

Work where you want

When you start a small business you are seldom in the office. If you are not on site with a client you are either meeting with prospective clients or travelling between sites. You really don't get a chance to use a physical office anyway. With a virtual office you get the benefit of a first class address with the added benefit that you can work from wherever you want. With modern cloud technology and 4G broadband it is just so easy to do.

Gear for growth

One of the major disadvantages of the old model was that you had to try to guess how much space you needed before you even started your new business. If you underestimated then you were left having to either find additional space or cram everyone in to a small space. Either way you end up looking unprofessional. If you overestimated then you would end up with an office that had lots of empty desks. Not a good look. A virtual office gives you the flexibility to expand at your pace.

Why settle for one

With physical office space getting a national presence will take you years and each time you want to add an additional office you will be up for those same fixed costs. With a virtual office structure you can add additional offices and additional local phone numbers in minutes and for an absolute fraction of the cost of adding a physical office. If you wanted to you could also mix and match. Have a physical office for your head office and a virtual for your branches. Total flexibility!

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Here at Virtual Reception we can help you with all of your virtual office and virtual receptionist requirements. We have virtual offices in all major cities within Australia as well as local telephone numbers in each of these cities. However you decide to structure your business and your branch network we are here to help.

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