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Would your business benefit from being located in the Adelaide CBD?

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Virtual Office Adelaide

At Virtual Reception our Virtual Office services offer your enterprise a professional business presence that carries the prestige and credibility of the Adelaide Central Business District. Our Virtual Reception office is located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, providing not only the impression, but the reality, of an Adelaide CBD office location -- without the overhead and without the long-term commitment!

First impressions count in business. If your potential customers see a business address that is just a home office in the outer suburbs then they are less likely to be as impressed as they would be if they see your address as a suite of an A grade building in the centre of the Adelaide CBD. For a relatively small annual fee you can get yourself a prestigious office address that is sure to impress.


Our Virtual Office Adelaide location:
97 Pirie Street
Adelaide SA 5000


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Your Own Adelaide Virtual Office in the CBD


At Virtual Reception, we offer a selection of valuable cloud based services that will enhance your business image whilst helping you build your enterprise. Our selection of low-cost virtual business services can be mixed and matched to meet the needs of your organisations, giving you the flexibility to use only the services you need for only as long as you need them. These services are specifically designed to help you avoid paying high office-rental fees whilst foregoing the usually significant costs of recruiting, hiring and training your own staff to handle the responsibilities that our highly competent team will oversee for you remotely. When you add to that the money you'll save on office equipment and furnishings, we're confident you'll appreciate the numerous advantages our services provide.

It really does make practical and financial sense to take advantage of these cloud based services. We can help you out with some of the more mundane aspects of running your business while you focus on strategy and the aspects of your business that generate income for your business. When you think about it, you got in to your business because you are really good at what you do, not becasue you enjoy handling the basic admin stuff. By outsourcing that admin to us you can get back to what you really want to do and focus on taking your business to the next level. Think of how much more fun it will be without that admin weight on your shoulders.

Our Virtual Office Service Line-up


Our Virtual Office Adelaide service offerings include your choice of the following:

  • Virtual Receptionist Service: Our Premium Live Answering Service allows our professional receptionists to handle your calls according to your instructions. It really is very easy to set up but is also extremely powerful in terms of what you can do. To get started you simply sign up for a 7 day free trial. When you sign up for the free trial you don't need to make any financial commitment. There is no requirement to give us a credit card number and there is no obligation to go ahead after the 7 days is up. Once you have signed up for the free trial we allocate a unique telephone number to your account. This telephone number is the number that we will be answering when we take your calls (you divert your existing number to this number). You then need to tell us how you want your callers greeted when we answer your calls and how you want your messages delivered to you. You are then pretty well ready to go!
  • An Adelaide CBD Local Telephone Number: Combine your local or 1300 number with our Virtual Receptionist Service. A 1300 number gives you the ability to look like a national business despite the fact that you are located just in Adelaide. Getting a 1300 number is a great way to make your business look much bigger than it actually is.
  • A Virtual Office Adelaide Mailing Address: Use our prestigious Adelaide CBD Mailing Address to create the image you desire for your business.
  • Virtual Assistant: Take advantage of our Virtual Assistant service to schedule appointments (Diary Management), update web forms and also answer customers' questions based on information you provide. Our VA's can really take some of the burden off you and your staff. We can take care of a lot of the menial work that is just costing you time at the present. Our VA's are charged out on a per minute basis and you can use us as much or as little as you like. If you only need to use us for 18 minutes per week then all you get charged is for that 18 minutes. It is a lot more cost effective than having your own staff member sitting around simply waiting for work to come in.
  • Mail and Courier Management Service: When mail and courier items arrive into your Adelaide Virtual Office we let you know. Take advantage of our Courier and Mail Forwarding Services or drop into the business centre to collect your items in person.

Signing up for our Virtual Office services will bring an enhanced level of credibility, competence and efficiency to your business. You'll do less busy work as well as enjoy greater success when you delegate the routine office tasks to us. The Virtual Office Adelaide services we provide can bring nationwide recognition to your business (i.e. if you have multiple Virtual Offices), while delivering a new sense of freedom to you.

Today's Technology Provides New Opportunities for Australian Businesses


Thanks to the magic of modern technology, hundreds of business owners are already enjoying the convenience that a Virtual Office in Adelaide provides. Join this fast-growing group of forward thinking entrepreneurs from a variety of industries who recognise the value that our professional services offer their businesses.

Making use of all of this cloud technology gives you the ability to really focus your time, and your staff members time, on the really important core items while our cloud staff members can take care of all of those non-core items. It makes really good financial and business sense.


Unlike a lot of our competitors our staff are located in Australia and not offshore. We employ experienced competent professional receptionists who understand Australian business conditions and the ways in which Australian businesses operate. One of the biggest compliments that we get from our customers is when they tell us that their customers quite regularly believe that the receptionist who answers the call is actually located in their offices. From our perspective it tells us that we have got it right.

Today's technological landscape is changing, and these changes are permanently altering the way business is being transacted in Australia and around the world. Keep your business on the cutting edge of these changes. Call Virtual Reception today to learn more about the ways our Virtual Office Adelaide services can help you build your business.

Contact us today for your 7-Day FREE trial of our Virtual Receptionist service. Try our comprehensive selection of service offerings and find out why so many Australian businesses trust both their image enhancement and their daily business functions to our experienced office specialists, who are committed to making your Virtual Office in Adelaide the hub of your successful enterprise.



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